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Pranava Centre for Ayurveda and Yoga,

Pranava Centre for Ayurveda and Yoga

Traditional Home

Pranava, here at Renens, Vaud is a dedicated centre for the Promotion of Holistic Health and Wellbeing of an individual through Integration of various sciences viz. yoga, nutrition, metabolism , rythms , meditation and compliance of the laws of life. Such an Integration is what is known to the mankind as The Ayurveda. We also provide various workshops and courses addressing the current situation of Lifestyle and its management. Stay tuned for our upcoming Events.

Pranava Centre for Ayurveda and Yoga


Dr. Shamaa Kamalanathan,
BAMS, MD ( Alt. Med.)


Ayurveda Treatment through Medicine and or Diet
Dinacharya & Rtucharya - Importance of Everyday routine and Seasonal Regimen.
Ayurveda Pakashala - Cuisines of Ayurveda
Carnatic Classical Music for therapy


Diet and Lifestyle Counselling 
Ayurveda Consultation for remedial approach
Panchakarma procedures like Kati Basti, Nasya, Moordhni taila, Kavala etc.


General Health and Wellness. 
Reproductive health
Women and child care
Geriatric Health
Skin and Hair care


Ayurvedacharya from RGUHS university, India


Prefaully 62, 1020 Renens Vaud
, Vaud, Switzerland
Nearest Railway Station: Renens
Nearest Airport: Geneva

Contact Info

Phone: 0779242593

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