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Ayurvedic Medicine Spa,

Ayurvedic Medicine Spa

Ayurvedic Medicine Spa
In our centre of Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetics - we provide consultations, the special treatment “Shirodhara”, cosmetic services with Ayurvedic natural preparations, the Ayurvedic massage techniques “Abhyanga” and “Marma”, detoxification and rejuvenation, as well as an original therapy by Gentle touch.

We use effective natural methods based principally on Ayurvedic medicine: Since 1982, Ayurveda has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective medical system.We give our clients individual care and the best quality preparations.


David Frej, M.D. is a physician, Ayurveda practitioner, consultations. He Studied in London and at the Vasant Lad Ayurvedic clinic, U.S.A. (Albuquerque, NM) as well as in Austria and Pune, India. He provides Ayurvedic consultation and treatment, pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation in the Ayurvedic spa. He writes articles and books about Ayurveda and nutrition.



The treatments offered by this centre are: Ayurvedic consultations, personal and distance consultation, pulse diagnosis, special shirodhara treatment, cosmetic services with ayurvedic natural preparations, the ayurvedic massage techniques abhyanga, marma a prana sthana, basti, nasya and karma purna, ayruvedic detoxification and rejuvenation in ayurvedic spa, treatment by gentle touch and marma massage.

We concentrate mostly (but not only) on civilisation disorders and illnesses (obesity and overweight, high blood pressure, allergy, asthma, haemorrhoids, arthritis, rheumatic complaints, diabetes, eczem, other skin diseases and others).



Our prices are very reasonable and lower than anywhere else (you can compare with other centres). Following are the charges we fixed for the treatment: Personal Consultation 60 minutes - from 490 – 900CZK. On-line consultation - 490CZK. Marma massage – 60 – 90 minutes - 450CZK. Ayurvedic energetic massage Prana sthana - 60 minutes - 300CZK. The whole body massage called Deha samuahana (with relax music+aromatherapy) – 60 – 90 min - from 600CZK. Backs + neck – 45 – 60 min - from 400CZK. Head massage called Kesa Mardana - 30 min - from 250CZK. Facial and head massage - 30 min - from 250CZK. Special head and facial - 60 min - from 500CZK. Basti - 60 minutes - 350CZK. Virechana - price is between 800CZK and 1500CZK. Shirodhara - 60 minutes - costs from 390CZK; for more than 3 procedures there will be discount. Gentle Touch - 250CZK. Basic cosmetic treatment (removal of old make-up, eyebrow trimming, peeling, basic massage-décolletage, neck, face, cleaning, mask, day cream, make-up) - 350CZK. General cosmetic treatment (see above) with addition of 100% pure extract of Aloe Vera - 550CZK. General lifting cure (neck and face smoothing and lifting) - 690CZK. Special head and facial (60 min) - from 500,–CZK.
Nasya and Karna Purna - 60 minutes - 350CZK.


We produce Organic Ayurvedic herbal products for the following - Breathe Free, Asthma Relief & Lung Purification, Weight Balance, Beautiful Skin, radiant complexion, helathy skin, face, antiwrinkle formula, Heart care, healthy heart, for migraine, headaches and hypertension, Liver – Kidney Care, Womens well being.



Ecce Vita, spol. s r.o., V Luhu 7, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
, Praha, Czech Republic

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Phone: +91 420/272765131 Mobile: +91 420/603301018
Fax: +91 420/272760985

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