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Ayurveda Health Home
It is the pioneer organization of Ayurveda Panchakarma under Nepal-German management. Our main aim is awaken the individuals natural healing potential source and restore the inner harmony, balance and rhythm. So, we provide wide range of classical Ayurveda therapy services and guidance. Our treatments centre is with its spiritual strength, quite, peaceful and is the only professional healing centre of ayurveda till date in Nepal.

Dr. R.R. Koirala M.D. (Ay) (Medical Director), Mr. Badri Koirala (Managing Director) from Nepal and Marlies Foerster (Chair Person) from Germany.


Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala is a Ayurvedic physician and medical director at the Ayurvedic Health Home (AHH). He treated successfully countless numbers of patients in Nepal and abroad. He mainly specialises in Ayurveda medicine, Panchakarma, medicinal plants, and related appication fields.


Sinusitis Therapy, Anal Fistula, Netra Kalpa Therapy, Basti, Snehana, Sveda.


Our gentle and effective treatment speciality areas are in consider to the promotion of health. Treatment management for stress causes imbalances. Muscles, joints and ligaments and vertebral disorders caused by traumas. Degenrations, or autoimmune reactions. Respiratory system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, liver disorders, skin diseases, metabolic disorders, gynacological disorders, neurological and Immunological problems and urogenital system.

We welcome our visitors by giving massages with himalayan herbal oil, the steam bath for full body and our oiltherapies like Picu, Siro Dhara. So your tired feet and your painfull back or spine can relax.



This house is a new building from 2005 and is next door to our therapy centre. It has 2 single and 2 double rooms, each with attached bathroom. There is a calm living room and high rooftop with splendid views of Kathmandu valley.


Our Ayurveda kitchen provide all vegetarian meals from delicious traditional food which delights the eyes, nourishes the body and vilalizes the heart, all prepared with respect to your individual treatment needs.

PRICE RANKING:Single bed 1-5 overnights is NRS.1800, 6-12 overnights is NRS.1700, 13-23 overnights is NRS.1600 and more than 23 overnights is NRS.1550.Double bed 1-5 overnights is NRS.2800, 6-12 overnights is NRS.2700, 13-23 overnights is NRS.2600 and more than 23 overnights is NRS.2550.Breakfast-1 set is NRS.350, Lunch-1 set is NRS.450 and Dinner-1 set is NRS.450.


Classical Herbal Group, Nepal Pvt. Ltd. supply all Nepalese indigenous herbs in raw and semi-processed form are; dry zinger, emblic myrobalan, asparagus, tinospora, chebulic myrobalan, bastard myrobalan, chireta, spikenard, greater cardamon, zanthoxylym, turmeric, murale, shilajit etc.

SERVICE HOURS:7 days from 8 am to 7 pm.


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Phone: +977 1 4358761
Fax: +977 1 4355144

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