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Healing Hands Massage & Ayurvedic Spa

Healing Hands Massage & Ayurvedic Spa
We are giving our knowledge, our touch, our compassion and support to the clients through Ayurveda.




The treatments offered by this centre are; Basti karma (medicated enemas), Virchana karma (purgation), Vamana karma (therapeutic vomiting), Nasya karma (medicated oils in nose), Netra tarpana (treatment for the eyes), Shirodharra, Localized bastis and other treatments - massage, yoga. The speciality of hospital is Panchakarma.



The Accommodations that are available are light, airy, modern and very comfortable. There are a variety of options to fit your individual budgets. You may stay in a Condo, villa or apartment on the beach or near by.


We offer food from outside market, but we do not serve white sugar, nightshades and chilli. The food is customized for you and your imbalances. It is primarily organic in nature, and cooked fresh.


The price for one week of Panchakarma with everything included is $2500 US.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.


There is no cell phone tower in the centre.


His business is aptly named for when it comes to healing hands Gregory is the one. He has alleviated muscular pains in my body and has a command of the human anatomy that allows him to target the source of the problem quickly and effectively. On the very first session he was able to rid me of intense neck-shoulder discomfort caused by cervical strain and arthritis. This condition had been worked on unsuccessfully for weeks by a physical therapy clinic. This was very impressive and I kept going back for more. Besides his technical skills and knowledge Gregory is personable, easy-going, accommodating, punctual and reliable. I have enjoyed his therapeutic as well as relaxing massage therapies now for over five years and give him the highest of recommendations. - by: Jose Castro.

Over the years Gregory is a gifted body worker and Ayurvedic practitioner. For years, I was most fortunate to have had ready access to Greg and took full advantage of his expertise. Most recently, I had a Pancha Karma which brought be back into balance, body mind and spirit! - by: Joan Glick.

Panchakarma - I am moved by his depth, knowledge, ease and my transformation under his guidance was remarkable. I recommend him without reservation; in fact encourage anyone who is considering a return to health and balance! - by: Joan Barnes.



Ave del Mar 302 #13, Bucerias – 63732, Mexico.
, , Mexico
Nearest Airport: Puerto Vallarta

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Phone: Mexico - 329-298-6417, USA - 305-810-8534

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