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Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre,

Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre

Auromesa Traditional Ayurveda Centre
Auromesa is the first Ayurvedic center to be entirely powered by the sun.

Auromesa is an authentic Earthship, powered by the sun, and dedicated to Ayurvedic traditional ways of healing and living, in accordance with natures laws and Integral Yoga. Our pure water comes from a very deep well, located along the Rio Grande, walking distance to hot springs, and we have no mosquitoes. We are taking only one panchakarma client at a time, thus giving that one person a unique experience. The guest room has a private entrance, bathroom and a deck with views over the Mesa. Other guests come from town for day treatments only and do not stay at the center. A special sense of peace and spaciousness will be helping your journey toward healing. We encourage our panchakarma client to remain still and concentrated on their process. Most of the medecine used during your panchakarma are crafted at the center. All the herbs and compounds that you take home for your rejuvenation are calibrated toward your individual well -being with fair traded organic medecine. Our chef Paul prepares simple and delicious meals from Auromesas organic gardens in season, or from the local health food store. He will teach our guests how to prepare their meals at home such as chia seed pudding, vegan indian rice pudding,  delicious soups, dosai, kichari, ghee, vegan chai.

Our panchakarmas are catered to individuals needs. The treatments are extensive: Starting at 7:30am with a 20 minute group meditation, then a one hour yoga session followed by breakfast. Then a daily treatment that generally last till 1pm. We teach Ayurvedic Tibetan Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Qi-Gong.

Tizia, our director and head therapist has practised panchakarma for 8 years, studied Ayurvedic medecine and treatments in India and is still continuing her education through various indigeneous modalities practised in Kerala, India and Thailand.

We have small friendly pets assisting in your delight and comfort.


Number of Doctors in Hospital: 1 doctor and 2 therapists




Kilari Marmas Acupressure
Nadi Swedana
Kansu Vasti
Netra Vasti
Rakta moksha
Osteo thai massage
Ear Candling
Flower essences
Womblifting therapy
Day therapy
Weekend Retreat


Our guest rooms are cozy and offered to panchakarma and week-end retreat patients. We welcome one or two patient at a time therefore your retreat will stay very private. There is a  bed and breakfast near by or guest rooms at the New- Buffalo for poeple  wanting different arrangments. You are also encouraged to enjoy the special atmosphere of our library/meditation room.

Price Details: 2014 Rates - Complete detoxification/rejuvenation (Seasonal Program)

5 days:  $1449 (6 nights)
7 days:  $1848 (8 nights)
10 days $2640(11 nights)

Is food organic?: Organic Auromesa garden and green house or Cids organic food market


Is white sugar served?: No

Are nightshades served?: No

Is chilli served?: No

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: None

Noise in the vicinity?: None

Are there cell phone towers?: None

Is vaastu applied?: Partially

How is the Vaastu of the land and building?: Earthship facing south with passive solar gain. The main Central space is the meditation hall.

Source of Information: Auromesa LLC website



101 Coyote Loop, Arroyo-Hondo, New-Mexico USA 87513
, New Mexico, United States
Nearest Railway Station: No railway station
Nearest Airport: Albuquerque (3 hrs away)

Contact Info

Phone: +1 575 776 2212

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