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Ayurveda Retreat Vattersgarden

Ayurveda Retreat Vattersgarden
Vattersgarden was founded in 1999 as a project supported by the Public Ayurveda Hospital in Beliatta and the Buddhist community of Kottegoda, a fisherman village in the very south of the island of Sri Lanka. Its Ayurvedic Centre is supervised by experienced Ayurveda Doctors; the resort is under European Management. 
The limitation of 13 rooms in a lush and beautiful park of four acres and more than 40 staff members guarantees absolute individual treatment of all our guests. Vattersgarden is practicing active Community work with the people living around us supporting the local school and hospital. All of Vattersgarden’s employees are recruited out of this area; we are the biggest employer within Matara and Tangalle.

Follows the procedures of Ceylon Ayurveda; the daily agenda, the native Ayurvedic Centre, is based on the ancient Vedic science. The treatment schedule and daily meals are planned for each guest individually by the Ayurvedic doctor based on the development and reactions and feedback of the patient on the treatments. 

Vattersgarden is a pure Ayurvedic Resort, embedded in the Buddhist culture of the peaceful south of the country. Our Resort is embedded in a rural area in the very south of Sri Lanka. In the neighbourhood there is a small jungle temple and a village, where people are fishermen or dealing with tropical fruits.

This peaceful corner is far away from the main road and from the railroad. Anyway feel free to take a walk through the village and get in touch with the always smiling and helpful people of this beautiful part of the island and let invite you for a cup of tea.


Daily doctor consultations and Ayurvedic full board/ individually prescribed meals by the doctor.



We offer the following treatments: Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness - Abhyanga treatment, Katibasti treatment, Svedana treatment etc.


We provide accommodation in double or single rooms.

We provide ayurvedic lunch and dinner. Ayurvedic drinks depending on the Three Dosha constitution (bottle-water, herbal-teas, Lassi, Tambili and freshly pressed juices.

We charge for16th Mar ‘09 until 15th Dec ’09 - 2 Weeks in Double Room 1064€/Single-Room 1218€, 3 Weeks in Double-Room 1596€/Single-Room 1827€, and 4 Weeks in Double-Room 2128€/Single-Room 2436€.

And we charge for 16th Dec ‘09 until 15th Mar ’10 - 2 Weeks in Double Room 1290€/Single-Room 1484€, 3 Weeks in Double-Room 1840€/Single-Room 2114€, and 4 Weeks in Double-Room 2330€/Single-Room 2678€.



Ayurveda Retreat Vattersgarden, Sri Lanka
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Phone: +49 216 381 141, +359 895 417 959

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