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Maharishi Panchakarma Clinic at the Enlightenment Centre,

Maharishi Panchakarma Clinic at the Enlightenment Centre

Maharishi Panchakarma Clinic at the Enlightenment Centre
We are delighted to be able to offer this unique treatment on an outpatient basis, right here in Johannesburg, at the Maharishi Enlightenment Centre in Houghton -- The clinic runs in  3 day blocks at selected l times during the year.
The Clinic 3 days are from ± 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. 

1-day PK treatments can also be arranged.

Panchakarma is the oldest and most sophisticated technology for removing toxins and imbalances from the mind and body, and to rejuvenate your entire system to a state of youthful vitality and well being. 

A speciality of Panchakarma is the uniquely balancing effect of massage with herbalised oils, performed in complete synchrony by two highly trained technicians.  This is followed by relaxing, herbalised steam baths and a variety of internal cleansing therapies to provide complete elimination of imbalances and impurities in a gentle and natural way. 

Panchakarma is designed to loosen and eliminate metabolic waste products and imbalances (Doshas) from the body.  At the same time soothing and enlivening procedures administered by caring professionals provide a new therapeutic experience.  Panchakarma is one of Maharishi Ayur-Vedas major approaches to restore perfect health and balance.




ABHYANGA -  Two technicians, working in complete synchrony, live you a specialised full-body massage with herbalised  oil complementary to your mind-body type and to treat any imbalances.  The purpose is to help get rid of toxins within any part of the body to help restore balance.  The treatment last about an hour.

VISHESH - A vigorous, deep tissue, full-body massage with herbalised oils given by two technicians, which is particularly good for athletes.

SWEDANA OR STEAM TREATMENT - Lying on towels on a raised wooden bed covered by a dome (except for the head) you are bathed in hot herbalised steam to open the circulation channels and rid the body of toxins through the skin.  A technician adjusts the heat and applies cool compresses to your face and head to keep them cool.

BASTI OR ENEMA - Small gentle herbalised lubrication and elimination oil enemas, for removal of accumulated impurities. 

AROMA THERAPY - Aroma oil is heated to pervade the atmosphere during the therapies.  The oil is chosen for you to create balance and orderliness in the physiology through the sense of smell.  Aroma therapy is also available if you have trouble sleeping at night.

MAHARISHI NEUROMUSCULAR AND NEURORESPIRATORY INTEGRATION THERAPY OR PRANAYAMA AND ASANA - These unique therapies involve special postures and breath awareness techniques to integrate mind and body.  


In addition to the standard treatments there is a comprehensive range of holistic treatments and therapies to choose from.

*   SHIRODHARA  - During this treatment warm herbalised oil is gently poured onto the forehead in a continuous stream over a period of time.  It creates a sensation of profound, deep and pleasureable relaxation.  It balances the principals that govern the activity of the mind and brain, calming the entire body through the central nervous system.  It has been found to increase coherence in brain functioning.  This treatment is indicated for relief of head aches, anxiety and insomnia.

*   UDVARTANA - A full-body massage with a paste of grains, herbs and oils, given by two technicians.  This treatment is escpecially good for excessive weight reduction.

*   GARSHAN - A full-body dry massage given with a silk glove by two technicians.  This massage is indicated for weight reduction.

*   NASYA  - (or nasal cleansing) - A facial rejuvenation and nasal congestion treatment, including massage, moist heat, herbalised vapour, and inhaled herbalised drops.  This therapy cleanses sinuses and lungs by draining excess mucus build-up in the head and lungs.  Mental clarity, sight, taste, smell and hearing are all enhanced by this treatment.

*   NETRA TARPANA - (or eye revitalisation therapy ) - in which the eyes are soaked in the purest revitalising oil.  It is used to treat eyestrain and improve sight.

*   SHIROBASTI   - For the alleviation of severe headaches and migraine. A container is constructed around the head and warm herbalised oil is poured into it to cover the crown of the head.

*   TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION - This stress elimination technique expands ones awareness and reawakens the inner self.  The programme has been scientifically proven to be an effective way to gain deep rest, release stress, and improve mental and physical health. It is highly recommended to maximise and sustain the results of the Panchakarma treatments.


Loved the day, pity I couldn come for longer. Definitely feel it will be beneficial though, very kind, gentle environment. Thank you. 


Very good day! The massages were amazing - the technicians most professional - made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for offering such a clinic for us.

Clare Laycock

I had a real experience with the Self. I touched, felt, breathed, saw the Higher Self which I am/was made to be. I now know and fully understand beyond any shadow of doubt. Thanks a million for this life-time treasure - I will keep it with me wherever I go.


I had a vague idea about what PK would be all about. Now that I been through it I think its a great experience - refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing and most of all giving body and mind an opportunity to heal. I will definitely look for a next opportunity to take this experience further.

Thank you all.


 This PK treatment put me back on track regarding my eating patterns, weight and detoxing my body. The body treatment were the best Ive ever had - the therapists felt like angels. The food was so delicious - Im even considering turning vegetarian! 

Adri- Mari

An incredible experience. Though this was the second time attending the PK clinic, it felt like the first time - an experience that is blissful and divine. Would recommend it to anyone looking for something special to treat themselves. The professionalism of all staff at the centre make the three days even more enjoyable. They give you a six-star hotel treatment. Thank you to all of you at the centre. 


Fantastic experience - would like to do the Berg experience at the change of seasons in 2006? Please could I receive details, as I would like to forward this info to my social group. 


In die begin was alles vir my baie vreemd maar het dit tog geheit om alles nee te maak. Die masseerine was wonderlik die mene is net so wonderlik! Die kos was ook reemd maar dit was ook heerlik! Wat ek geleer het was wnderlik. Die belangrikste was dat ek nooit so daaraam gedink het dat ek my spysvertering stelsel onder soteel druk sit deur wat ek eet en hoeveel ek eet. Ek voel n ander mens  n newe mens en ek het hier gelaar om my wegaam te resperteer en te versorg. Ek voel goed oor myself en ek sall grate eendag weer wil kom. Dankie aan almal! God bless!! 


My 3rd PK experience - 1st one in Houghton... absolutely wonderful. Thank you to all, who have been instrumental in making our 3 days so very special. I feel very spoilt - thanks again.


I thoroughly enjoyed my PK - Dawn and Penny are marvelous - their synaonisity is charming and wonderful. It is a pleasure to be treated by them. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed vedic psychology lecture - excellent. Lots of details - lots of information - very well put together. Thank you  to all who are involved and who make PK available to us - it is a most valuable experience in maintaining good health and genuinely supporting the physiology (together with TM). 


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