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Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd,

Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd

Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd
Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd offers a full range of Ayurvedic Treatment methods for all types of diseases, including: -Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations (Diet, Lifestyle, Herbal, Nutrition) -Ayurvedic Yoga Consultations -Ayurvedic Astrology Consultations -Traditional Keraliya Ayurvedic Supplies -Localised Ayurvedic Therapies -Courses / Awareness Programs on Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Vedanta and the Vedas *Certified Veda Kovid & Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher as well as Ayurvedic Practitioner trained in Clinical Ayurveda will guide you through a process of healing, in accordance with Traditional Ayurveda, bringing in Colour, Aroma, Yoga Therapies, Mantra Therapies, PK Therapies and recommendations and localised massages and treatments.


Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham is an Ayurvedic Astrologer, Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Therapist as well as being Certified in Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Ayurvedic Massage and Beauty Therapies and also Clinical Ayurveda according to the Ashtavaidya Tradition of Kerala.


Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Herbal


Virchana Karma
Nasya Karma
Netra Tarpana
Localized Bastis
Other Treatments such as Netra Kriyas, Astrology, Mantra, Yoga, Diet and Lifestyle, Psychological Disorders, Skin Disorders, Eye Disorders


Source of food: From outside market

Is food organic?: Yes

Is white sugar served?: Yes

Are nightshades served?: No

Is chilli served?: No

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Source of Information: Vaidya Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham



72 Isleworth Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch, New Zealand 8053
, Christchurch, New Zealand
Nearest Railway Station: Riccarton
Nearest Airport: Christchurch International

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Phone: +6433596015, +64274466547

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