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Agastya Ayurveda Garden,

Agastya Ayurveda Garden

Agastya Ayurveda Garden
In Agastya Ayurveda Garden, you enjoy great vacation, clean air, delicious food, Ayurvedic remedies, prescribed by our Ayurvedic doctor and chosen by you, and a tropical palm tree garden by the sea. All these elements will strengthen and revitalize you.




The treatments offered by this centre are: Marma-Massage, Pizhichil, Shirodara, More massage-techniques, Kizhi, Gnavarakizhi, Nasyam, Thakradhara / Thyladhara, Abhayangam and Snehapanam.


The houses are made of the following natural materials - walls, made of adobe, teak and bamboo, ceramic-tile floors, thatched roofs with a wooden roof structure, bathroom, shower garden without roof, ceramic-tiles.

Each of the bungalows has two single-rooms, each room with attached bathroom/shower. The bungalows are made of natural materials only, this adds to the health atmosphere of this paradise. Each bungalow for two persons consists of one living room and one bathroom.

The rooms are as described above, but they are situated nearer to the sea. Each of these single bungalows stands alone, has one room, a bathroom and a patio. The bungalows are as described above, but they are bigger and are situated nearer to the sea. The bungalows, located right by the sea, are situated in a natural garden dotted with palm trees and many Ayurvedic plants. The bungalows are set 30 m high above the sea level.

The ingredients for the meals are fresh. Kerala can be proud of its produce. A variety of meals are served: Rice, lentils, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a large variety of herbs, spices and fragrances which play an important role in daily meals. Fish is appreciated because of its freshness. If you wish, meat can be served.

Spices are not only for good taste, they are also important for health. Cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and a little bit of black pepper and chilies are part of the daily nutrition. Keralas cooking style is a lot milder than the Northern-Indian-style; nevertheless it is still spicy and very tasty, but not overly hot.

The meals are prepared according the Doshas. Furthermore the meals are enhanced with medical food components.

We charge for accommodation as follows: 2. Single room – surcharge USD 157– per week, 3. Single bungalow – surcharge USD 420– per week, 2. Bungalows for two persons – surcharge USD 367- 525–per week and Single bungalows-USD 450- surcharge per week.



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