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Parkschlosschen Ayurveda Centre

Parkschlosschen Ayurveda Centre
Parkschlösschen - Bad Wildstein, a place for retreat and regeneration. The hotel was initially an Art Nouveau castle in keeping with the holistic principle of Ayurveda, the aim of renovating the building was to create a place of harmony and aesthetics that would help people regain their natural balance. At the Parkschlösschen you will receive excellent medical attention and support.

In redecorating the castle, mainly natural materials like pure wool, wood, slate and marble were used. The water supply for the entire building was, and still is, drawn from the nearby thermal spring. The medical care, food, exercise program and accompanying activities at the Parkschlösschen are based on the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

As Europes first fully Ayurvedic luxury resort, the Parkschlösschen was a pioneer in the field of alternative holistic medicine – and was generally regarded as slightly exotic. 
Lovingly restored, the Parkschlösschen has been designed according to ancient health principles of well-being and aesthetics and furnished with the comforts of a five-star hotel. Careful attention has been paid to detail without losing sight of the overall concept. The result is an atmosphere of harmony, enhanced by many special touches.


The Ayurvedic doctor always treats the whole person - his body, his mind and his soul. 
Your treatment programme and its intensity are determined in personal discussions with our doctors, following your Ayurvedic diagnosis. Dr. Dietrich Wachsmuth
Medical Director, Parkschlösschen - Ayurvedic physician and specialist in general and naturopathic medicine, Vaidya Kumaran Rajsekhar Ayurveda-expert at Parkschlösschen, and Dr. Sigrid Schmieder - Physician at Parkschlösschen. Specialized diagnostic procedures to support the Ayurveda program are performed by cardiologists, dermatologists and psychologists. The massages are given by two physical therapists, each using both hands. The ingredients of our treatments are organically grown and freshly prepared to suit different types of people.


Thermal swimming pool with counter current installation, Finnish sauna, Steam bath, Bankirai sundeck in our bamboo garden, Beauty department with classical treatments and Ayurvedic cosmetic treatments, Ayurvedic floral baths, Spacious Yoga area and gymnastics area.


It offers Synchronous Ayurvedic Treatments are; Abhyanga, Vishesh, Udvartana, Garshan, Samvahana, Pinda Sveda, Pizzichilli. It also offers massages and oil treatments which are carried out with various herbal oils, depending on the medical indication - Kalari massage, Nasya, Netra Tarpana, Pinda Sveda, Padabhyanga, Svedana, Shirodara, Bastis.



Our 60 rooms and suites have been designed with great care and with a lot of attention to every detail.while at the same time paying strict attention to the principles of Ayurveda. Rooms are furnished in shades of green have a calming influence, while the cooling effect of the blue rooms is especially recommended for “hot headed” temperaments. Care was taken not only in choosing colour schemes and furniture designs, but also in using materials which are well tolerated. The carpets are made of pure wool, and the wallpaper is pure silk. All electric wiring has a double layer of insulation, and blocks of marble have been used as a shield against water veins. The human body can become healthy much quicker in a clean environment free of toxins.

At the Parkschlösschen, priority is given to food which is easy to digest. Freshly prepared delicacies, exotic and endemic herbs form the basis of this subtle gourmet cuisine - which has absolutely nothing to do with the usual spa diet. Even with only small changes in your eating habits you can restore your inner balance and find more zest for life.  
During our cooking workshop you will gain extensive insight into the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition. You will receive practical and helpful advice from our Ayurvedic kitchen chef team, demonstrating how to implement these changes easily into your everyday life.

Abhyanga - Euro 160.00, Vishesh - Euro 150.00, Udvartana -Euro 165.00, Garshan - Euro 160.00, Samvahana - Euro 165.00, Pinda Sveda - Euro 210.00, Pizzichilli - Euro 250.00, Kalari massage - Euro 130.00, Nasya - Euro 140.00, Netra Tarpana - Euro 100.00, Pinda Sveda, loca - Euro 150.00, Padabhyanga - Euro 95.00, Svedana - Euro 75.00, Shirodara - Euro 100.00, Bastis - Euro 70.00 - Euro 100.00.

Single room category I – Single occupancy– euro 135.00
Single room category II – Single occupancy– euro 185.00
Double room – Single occupancy – euro 185 & double occupancy – euro 270.00
Junior suite category I – Single occupancy – euro 245.00 & double occupancy – euro 330.00
Junior suite category II – Single occupancy – euro 285.00 & double occupancy – euro 370.00



Parkschlösschen Bad Wildstein, Wildbadstraße 201, D-56841 Traben-Trarbach, Germany.
, , Germany

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