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Ananda Clinic & Spa,

Ananda Clinic & Spa

Ananda Clinic & Spa
Our health centre is located in central Christchurch, the gateway to New Zealands spectacular South Island, in a beautiful cottage and garden setting, situated against the Port Hills in the Beckenham Loop of the Heathcote River (Opawaho). This clinic & spa is an authentic Ayurvedic sanctuary for the inner self. It offers a full range of treatments. Enjoy the traditional treatments of Ayurveda in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch.


It is located in 64 Sandwich Road, Christchurch, New Zealand. Our health centre is hidden away in one of Christchurchs most quiet and peaceful suburbs, Beckenham loop. It is a beautiful garden city of Christchurch.


Our team of Panchakarma technicians is meticulously trained to massage in total harmonious synchrony with each other. Treatments are performed in restful silence and each rhythmical stroke is performed with loving care and full attention, enabling our clients to sink into a state of deep relaxation and blissful tranquility.


We provide own telephone & internet access, private bathroom, shower, basin & toilet. We provide heated towel rail, hairdryer, umbrellas, magazines, 2 complimentary bicycles.


The treatments offered by this clinic are; Shiroabhyanga, Abhyanga, Udvartana, Pizzichilli, Vishesh, Shirodhara, Svedana, Nasya, Karna Purana, Netra Tarpana, Shiro Basti, Hrid Basti, Kati Basti, Padabhyanga, The Ananda Spa Facial, Pinda Svedana, Patra Potali, Basti or Oil Enema. We offer an extensive range of luxurious day spa treatments as well as traditional, royal panchakarma therapies from ancient India. We do Pampering Panchakarma Therapies. Our full Panchakarma Retreats give you the opportunity to integrate healthy lifestyle changes into your daily and seasonal routine. We use only freshly prepared, certified organic oils and herbs for the treatments.


Our clinic offers in-residence care in our comfortable, cottage garden setting. Our cottage filled with sunshine, friendly hospitality and great organic food, located in the green, tree-lined suburb of Beckenham, this cottage is a fully self-contained, delightfully decorated garden cottage.

We provide delicious dosha-balancing vegetarian meals, home made with all fresh organic ingredients. A generous self-catering breakfast is provided each morning, offering fresh organic bread, jams, eggs, muesli, milk, fruit & juices, teas, hot chocolate and coffee. Clients are encouraged to cook their own ayurvedic meals at the cottage. We provide all our favourite Annada Clinic recipes to help guide you along.

We charge $95 for one night & $90 per night if you stay two or more nights for 1-3 maximum guests Full Panchakarma Retreats from $345 per day & full Panchakarma with Accommodation from $400 per day per person. Full Panchakarma with full In-Residence Care Retreats from $500 per day.


Our herbal products are Triphala, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shatavari, Womens well-being capsule.  


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Phone: +64 3 942 2055 or +64 27 4041405

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