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Chemical constituants of jivaka - Malaxis acuminata D.Don, Micros..

jivaka :

jivaka  : Malaxis acuminata D.Don, Microstylis wallichii Lindl.


Alcohol (ceryl alcohol), glucose, rhamnose and diterpenes

M.  acuminata  is  important  for  its  medicinal  uses  in traditional  system  of  medicine  since  Vedic  period  but study  on  its  phytoconstituents  is  very  less.  Malaxis orchids are believed to contain large number of alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids. Some phytoconstituents has been reported  from  M.  acuminata.  One  sterol  namely  β-sitosterol (1) has been isolated from ethyl acetate extract of  M.  Acuminata19.  Other  reported  Compounds  include piperitone (2) citronellal (3), eugenol (4),  Limonene (5), 1,  8-  cineole  (6),  p-  cymene  (7),  O-Methylbatatasin  (8) and cetyl alcohol (9)



1. Manasamitra Vataka, 
2. Dasamularishta, 
3. Cyavanaprashyaa, 
4. Brahma Rasayana, 
5. sivagutika,
6.  Amrtaprasha Ghrta, 
7. Asoka Ghrta, 
8. Dhanvantara Taila, 
9. Bala Taila, 
10. Guduchyadi Taila, 
11. Brihat Asvagandha Ghrta

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