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Conclusion - jivaka - Malaxis acuminata D.Don, Microstylis wallic..

jivaka :

jivaka  : Malaxis acuminata D.Don, Microstylis wallichii Lindl.


Malaxis  acuminata  (Jeevak)  is  of  a  renowned  status  in  the  Ayurveda. M.  acuminata  is a globally  soil loving plant that  grows in the  shady  areas  of  semi-evergreen  to  shrubby  forest.  Its  dried  pseudo-bulbs  are  important  ingredients  of  several Ayurvedic  preparations  like  Chyawanprash,  therefore  it  is  well  known  for  its  medicinal  properties.  It  belongs  to Ashtverga (combination of eight drugs) which is one of the core parts of the Ayurveda

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