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agaru in the market





The study claims importance in the context of some confusion and controversies relating to the authenticity and botanical diagnosis of original Agar wood / Akil, a highly valued wood in trade for its incense and medicinal properties. 

Indian drug Agar wood / Akil, a plant drug of controversial identity is taken for investigation. The plant A. malaccensis ie, Agarwood is termed as true Akil ascribed in Siddha text and its uses were narrated . From the ancient literature , Akil is equated to eight different botanical binomials belonging to six families. A wood known as Eagle wood (trade name), Agaru, Akil, Agil is created with several pharmacological properties as per the literature claims, it is also a highly priced incense wood of much popular antiquity .

Commercial value:

The valuation of agarwood is approximate Rs 5-6 lakh per kg, in India.In the international market, the price goes up by 2-3 times depending on the market.

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