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Synonyms of agaru - Aquilaria agallocha



Synonyms in Ayurveda: aguru, agaru, agni, loha, krimij, rajarha, bhringraj, agnikashtha, vanshik, vanadrum, puram, dhupagam, mallikaagadh, jongaka

 Agar wood is known under many names in different cultures:
 - Another name is Lingnum aloes or Aloeswood , unrelated to the familiar genus, Aloe. Also called aghil, via Hebrew and Greek
 - In Assamese it is called as "sasi" or "sashi"
 - In Bengali, agarwood is known as "agor/agoro gach 
 - In Cambodia it is called"chann crassna " The fragrance from the wood is called "khloem chann" 
 - In Hindi it is known as agar, which is derived originally from the Sanskrit aguru
 - In Sinhala agarwood producing Gyrinops walla tree is known as" Walla patta"
 - In Tamil it is called "akil"though what was referred in ancient Tamil literature could well be Excoecaria agallocha.
 - In Telugu and Kannada, it is known by the same Sanskrit name as Agaru.
 - In Europe it was referred to as Lignum aguila or Agilawood, from similarity to Tamil- Malayalam aghil, deriving from Sanskrit agaru

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