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Synonyms of mallika - Jasminum sambac Ait.

mallika :

Flowers Photograph by: Kobako


Etymologically, it derives from the two Filipino words: sumpa and kita (I promise you)
The botanic name sambac is derived from a misapplication of the Sanskrit name champaka, which refers to the fragrant flowered shrub Michelia champaca. The name Jasmine is derived from the Persian Yasmin meaning Gift from God. Jasmine flowers are used in many religious occasions as offerings to Gods.


Synonyms in Ayurveda: mallika, varshiki, vaarshiki , Nava-Mallikaa, Shita-bhiru, Madyantikaa, Vaarshiki and Madayanti

In Hawaii, the flower is known as pīkake, and are used to make fragrant leis. The name pīkake is derived from the Hawaiian word for "Peacock", because the Hawaiian Princess Kaʻiulani was fond of both the flowers and the bird.

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