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Uses mallika in other systems of medicine

mallika :

Flowers Photograph by: Kobako

Use in other system of medicine:

- Flowers used to make jasmine tea.
- In China, flowers n are used for giving aroma to tea.
- Pound flowers or leaves and apply to ulcers.
- Decoction of flowers or leaves used for fever and cough. 
- Decoction of dried flowers used for fever and abdominal distention.
- Decoction of dried flower used as eye wash for eye redness and swelling.
- Infusion of leaves used as eyewash. 
- Poultice of roots combined with others drugs used for sprains and fractures. 
- Roots used with leaves in making lotions to make an eye lotion. 
- Bruised leaves are applied to the breasts as lactifuge.
- Decoction of roots used for insanity and various mouth affections.
- Leaves, boiled in oil, exude a balsam used for anointing the head for eye complaints. Balsam is believed to strengthen the vision and also used as a remedy for insanity.
- Dried leaves, soaked in water and made into a poultice, used for indolent ulcers. 
- In India, traditionally used for skin disorders. Used to treat and prevent cancer.
- In India, flowers used as lactifuge. effectual in arresting the secretion of milk in the puerperal state, as application of unmoistened bruised flowers, once or twice daily, to each breast.
- In China, flowers used as antispasmodic.
- In traditional Chinese medicine, used for fever, diarrhea, abdominal distention, conjunctivitis, insomnia, headache, dental caries. 
- In the Antilles, root decoction or infusion of flowers used for pectoral properties; employed in asthma, bronchitis, and pulmonary catarrh. 
- In ancient Baghdad, used with opium for gangrenous ulcers of the gums. source 
- In Jordan, infusion of flowers used for ulcerations, dermatoses and fever.
- A favorite floral offering and adornment for altars.
- Strung into flower necklaces. 
- Infusion of flowers used as a face wash because of its fragrance, cleansing and soothing properties.
- Flowers in ben oil or coconut oil for hair, facial or body use or as a perfume oil or perfume base.
- Digestion with vegetable oil to make oil tinctures or liniments.
- Used to scent coconut oil used for the hair. 
- GRAS: Considered

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