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Uses of kumari - Aloe vera Linn., Aloe barbadensis

kumari :

kumari  : Aloe vera Linn., Aloe barbadensis

General Use:

Aloe vera - The juice from aloe vera is exceptionally useful in speeding up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns and in reducing inflammation. Aloe vera supports the regeneration of healthy non-cancerous cells. It stimulates metabolism, reinforces the body and combats fatigue. It is also anti-septic and anti-fungal. Aloe vera detoxifies the body and protects it from auto-immune diseases. It improves blood circulation, prevents diabetes and cholesterol.

Therapeutic Uses:

Wound healing. A recent study showed aloe is more effective than conventional treatments for burns, frostbite, and intra-arterial damage.

Antiviral and spermicidal effect was shown in an in vitro study. The authors concluded that it might be useful as a contraceptive, especially in preventing the transmission of HIV.

Gastro protective properties. When aloe gel was given to rats before ulcer inducing stress, the number of ulcers decreased by 80%. After developing ulcers, the animals given aloe vera gel recovered 3 times faster compare to the control animals 

Immune stimulation. When given orally to animals, it was shown to lower cholesterol.

Systemic Use:

Aloe can be combined with shatavari as a nutritive tonic, with gentian as a bitter tonic, with manjista as an emmenagogue 

Mouth Ulcers
Aloe Vera pulp and Turmeric can be applied to mouth ulcers to soothe and reduce inflammation.

Aloe Vera and rock salt is good for preventing constipation.

the mucilage with curd is a very effective medicine. This can be given single dose 3-5 days.


leaf gel
aloe extract 
Pure aloe vera juice
aloe gel


Vranaropana (wound healing activity), Rasayana(rejuvenative for the skin, intestines, female reproductive system),Artavajanana (promotes menses),Dipana (enkindles the digestive fire),Visphota (removes pustules), Bhedaniya Purgative - powder), Raktapitta (alleviates bleeding),Amapacana (clearing ama),Visahara (destroys poison), Llihayakrdvrddhihara (reduces inflammations of spleen and liver), Granthi(clears tumor).

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