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Chemical constituants of kumari - Aloe vera Linn., Aloe barbadensis

kumari :

kumari  : Aloe vera Linn., Aloe barbadensis


  1. Amino Acids  - Provides 20 of the 22 required amino acids and 7 of the 8 essential ones.  - Basic building blocks of proteins in the body and muscle tissues
  2. Enzymes  - Anthranol,barbaloin, chrysophanic acid, ethereal oil, ester of cinnamonic acid, isobarbaloin, resistannol  - Antifungal & antiviral activity but toxic at high concentrations
  3. Anthraquinones  - Provides aloe emodin, aloe tic acid, alovin, Anthracine. -  Analgesic, Antibacterial
  4. Steroids  - Cholesterol, lupeol, camp sterol, sistosterol   - Anti-inflammatory agents, lupeol has anticancer, antiseptic and analgesic Properties.
  5. Hormones -  Auxins and gibberellins  - Wound healing and anti-inflammatory
  6. Salicylic Acid  - Aspirin like compounds  - Analgesic
  7. Saponins  - Glycosides  - Cleansing & antiseptic
  8. Minerals  - Calcium,chromium,copper, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc -  Essential for good health
  9. Sugars  - Monosaccharide’s:Glucose and Fructose Polysaccharides: Glucomannans/polymnnose
  10. Vitamins  - A, B, C, E, choline, B12, folic acid  - Antioxidant (A,C,E),neutralizes free radicals


important formulations

kumari vati
chintamani rasa
raja pravartini vadi
mukta panchamrit rasa
karutha gulika

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