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Uses nirgundi in other systems of medicine

nirgundi :

nirgundi : Vitex negundo Linn.

Use in other system of medicine:

Unani medicine:

Vitex negundo Linn. is commonly known as Nisinda in Unani medicine. 
- seeds are administered internally with sugarcane vinegar for removal of swellings. 
Powdered seeds are used in spermatorrhoea and serve as an aphrodisiac when dispensed along with dry Zingiber officinale and milk. 

 Chinese medicine: 

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia prescribes the fruit of Vitex negundo Linn. in the treatment of reddened, painful and puffy eyes, headache and arthritic joints. 

Uses in western herbal medicine

Modern medical world with Vitex began with the introduction of concentrate extracts of Vitex fruits in the 1950. 
From 1943 to 1997, approximately 32 clinical trial were conducted on a propriety 
Vitex agnus berry product for evaluating its effectiveness in treating mastitis and fibrocystic diseases, menopausal symptoms, poor lactation, uterine bleeding disorder and menstrual irregularities9,23 . 

In homoeopathic medicine, 

Vitex agnus and Vitex negundo Linn. is used for various sexual debilitiesmarked depression of vital power, premature old age with apathy, self contempt for the sexual abuse nervous debility in unmarried person feeble erection without sexual desire, emission of prolactic fluid when straining at stool, cold, hard, swollen, painful testicle. 

In general practice, the drug is prescribes to female for leukemia staining yellow suppressed menses, slangy or suppressed breast milk, inflammation of uterus. 

The flowers are astringents and used in fever, diarrhoea and liver complaints. 

The fruits are prescribed in headache catarrh and watery eyes when dried. It is consider vermifuge. 

They are much valued medicinally in china. An aqueous extract of the fruits was found to be good analgesic action. 

In Philipins – the seed are reported to eaten after boiling. 

The young shoots are used in the basket making. 

The ash of the plants is source of potassium carbonate or peer ash and is reported to be used as an alkali in drying . 

Folk medicine: 

Folklore systems of medicine continue to serve a large segment of population, especially those in rural and tribal areas, regardless of the advent of modern medicine. 

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