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Medicinal properties of Ashwagandhadi Lehyam (അശ്വഗന്..

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam - lehya

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam:

Synonyms: .Ashwagandha Avaleha, Ashwagandha Lehyam

Ashwagandhadi  lehya  is  a  classical  Ayurvedic polyherbal  formulation  included  in  Ayurvedic formulary  of  India.  Lehya  or  Avaleh  is  one  of  the several  groups  of  Ayurvedic  formulations.  It  arises from  Sanskrit  root  word Lih  Aswadane,  the  form  of medicine which can  be  tasted  with  help of  tongue. It is a semi-solid preparation of drugs, prepared with the addition  of  jaggery, sugar or  sugar candy and  boiled with  prescribed  drug  juice  or  decoction.  The  major ingredient  of  Ashwagandhadi lehya  is  Ashwagandha (Withania  somnifera)  which  is  the  most  important medicinal plant mentioned in various Indian Systems of  Medicine  (Ayurveda,  Siddha  and  Unani).  It  has been  described  in  the  Nighantus  as  tonic,  alterative, pungent,  astringent,  hot  and  aphrodisiac  and recommended  for  rheumatism,  cough,  dropsy,  and senile debility. Besides Withania somnifera, the other ingredients  present  are  Elettaria  cardamonum, Myristica  fragrans,  Glycyrrhiza  glabra, Hemidesmus indicus  and  Cuminum  cyminum.  Ashwagandhadi lehya is therapeutically used for Raktaviksra (disorder of blood), Krsatva (Cachexia), Arsa (Piles), Unamada (Psychosis)  and  is  used  as  Balya  Rasayana (Rejuvenating agent) and Vajikara (Aphrodisiac).

Malayalam referance: അശ്വഗന്ധാദിലേഹ്യം

അശ്വഗന്ധം തിലം മാഷം ഗുളം മാഗധി സര്‍പ്പിഷാ
അര്‍ദ്ധമാസപ്രയോഗേണ കുഞ്ജരേണസമം ബലം. 

Preparation of അശ്വഗന്ധാദിലേഹ്യം:

ശര്‍ക്കര പാവുകാച്ചി അതില്‍ അമുക്കരം ,ഉഴുന്നിൻപരിപ്പ് ,തിപ്പലി ,ഇവയുടെ പൊടിയും എളള് അരച്ചതും നെയ്യും  ചേര്‍ത്തു ലേഹ്യമുണ്ടാക്കി സേവിക്കുക; 

Indications of അശ്വഗന്ധാദിലേഹ്യം:

ബലം വര്‍ദ്ധിക്കും


Ingredients of Ashwagandhadi Lehyam
192 gm
192 gm
192 gm
192 gm
192 gm
452 gm
Family: Poaceae
1356 gm
, Family:
226 gm
24 gm


For making Ashwagandhadi Lehyam, take 452 grams water and add coarse powder of Ashwagandha, Sariva, Jeera and Madhusnuhi each 192 grams.

Now, boil and then simmer the mixture until it 1/4th remains. Now, filter the decoction and add 1.356 Kg sugar in the filtered decoction. Again simmer the decoction with sugar until it becomes thick having Avaleha (Jam) like consistency.

Now, remove it from heat and add 24 grams of Green cardamom. Leave it to cool naturally for several minutes. When its temperature comes down to room temperature, then add 452 grams of honey in it and mix it well. Now, Ashwagandhadi Lehya is ready to use.


Ashwagandhadi Lehyam mainly acts on physical strength, vigor, and stamina. Its effects appear on the muscles, joints, spine, testes, penile tissue, and mind.

Underweight & Emaciation
Ashwagandhadi Lehyam provides nourishment to the body and helps to increase the body weight. It helps to gain a balanced amount of subcutaneous fat (healthy fat) and muscle mass. It also improves the strength of bones and joints. Underweight individuals who want to gain some muscle and weight can use it on regular basis with warm milk. The 3 months course with this medicine helps to achieve a good healthy body weight.

Fatigue, Physical Weakness & Debility
Ashwagandhadi Lehyam has the ability to increase physical strength and reduce fatigue. It is a good supplement that improves adrenal health due to its main ingredient Ashwagandha. It helps to overcome chronic stress and adrenal fatigue. Thus, it reduces body aches, tiredness, and physical weakness. It provides the strength to the muscles and other structures of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, it reduces physical weakness and debility occurring in old age people.

Pyospermia (Leukocytospermia)
Smilax China (Chopchini) present in Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is an excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It acts when the underlying cause of Pyospermia is an infection or inflammation. Along with Sariva and Ashwagandha as in this combination, it provides relief from pyospermia. For best results, Ashwagandhadi Lehyam should be given in a combination of Dashmoolarishta and Triphala Churna.


  1. General weakness
  2. Debility due to any disease or in old age
  3. Chronic fatigue
  4. Feeling of excessive exhaustion even after a short physical work
  5. Emaciation
  6. Impotence
  7. Oligospermia
  8. Pyospermia (leukocytospermia)
  9. Osteoarthritis
  10. Backache
  11. Fibromyalgia
  12. Breathing difficulties due to physical weakness or debility in old age
  13. Insomnia
  14. Leukoderma
  15. Blood disorders
  16. Hemorrhoids
  17. Syphilis


There are no absolute contraindications for Ashwagandhadi Lehyam.

Pregnancy & Lactation
The safety profile of Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is not well established for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Consult an ayurvedic physician before using Ashwagandhadi Lehyam during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The general dosage of Ashwagandhadi Lehyam is as follows.
Toddler (Age: 1


There are no known side effects for Ashwagandhadi Lehyam.


Adjuvant: Warm Milk

Dosa karma

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam mainly acts on Vata Dosha and likely to increase Kapha Dosha. Therefore, it will increase body weight and muscle mass. Based on Dosha analysis, the main indications of Ashwagandha Lehya are aggravated Vata, weakness, emaciation, debility in old age, impotence, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Main effect

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam has following medicinal properties:

Anabolic effect
Rasayana (Rejuvenating)



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