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Medicines in Ayurveda

Forms of medicines in ayurveda

    There are different forms of medicines in ayurveda. According to the method or preparation and purposes they are classified into differant forms:


    The emergence of sandhana kalpana was a revolutionary innovation at that period. In the course of time, various formulations indicated for multitude of disease came into existence in the form of asava arishta some examples like Dasamoolarista, Lohasava, Amrutarista, Vasarista, Balarista etc

    Kashayas / Kwatha

    Kashayam is a famous and widely used dosage form of Ayurveda. The word Kashayam does not suggest towards any Ayurvedic medicine. Based on the group of herbs used, the products are named like Ashtavargam Kashayam, sapthasaram kashayam etc


    Choornas are coarse or fine powders of a single dry herb or group of dry herbs which are added in the prescribed doses. Like Triphala choorna, Thaleesadi choorna, Ashwagandha choorna etc. It is used with different Anupanas in different diseases like honey , ghee, hot water etc.


    Lehyams are semisolid Malt/Jam like preparation of drugs, prepared by adding jaggery or sugar and boiled with the prescribed liquid till it obtained. These are natural Immuno Boosters in Ayurveda. Different lehyas are present pertaining to different systems in our body.


    Oils being processed with different herbs and it is processed till the active principles of the herbs. There are hundreds of varieties of oil mentioned in classics , processed with different types of herbs for different diseases. It is a prime medicine used especially in external therapies of Ayurveda.


    Grita is ghee medicated with ayurvedic herbs. Ghee is being processed with different herbs so that the ghee is attributed with properties of herbs and it is widely used in ayurvedic practices. Most of the Ghritham is processed out of cow's ghee. its therapeutic action is of wide range in different conditions.


    Gulika are synonyms to indicate pills or tablets in Ayurvedic system of medicine. Pills are made out of different herbs and are used in ayurvedic practices for easy administration. A wide range of pills are being told in ayurveda like Chandraprabha, Swasanandam,etc.

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