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chatraka - Agaricus campestris Linn, Psolliota campestris (Linn.)..

chatraka - Agaricus campestris Linn, Psolliota campestris (Linn.) Fr. - Agaricaceae

chatraka :

chatraka  : Agaricus campestris Linn, Psolliota campestris (Linn.) Fr.
Mushrooms are good for weight reduction.
Daily consumption of mushroom reduces weight..
It is also good to increase Vitamin D3. Extract of white mushroom 2 tablespoon daily

Taxonomical Classification

Family: Agaricaceae


English: Mushroom, Common mushroom, touchwood
Hindi: Kumbi, Kumi, Sampakichatri
Malayalam: Koon, Pavakoon


Synonyms in Ayurveda: sansvedajashak, bhumicchatra, shilindhrak, Chatrakah, Bhuchatra

Rasa: Madhura
Guna: Guru Snigdha
Veerya: Sheetha

Parts used for medicinal purpose

Whole plant, ,


Fungus arises as nodes on the surface when young; when mature it has underground rhizomorphs, a cylindrical aerial stipe bearing an annulus and an umbrella-shaped fleshy pileus. On the under surface of the pileus, there are many radiating gills. 

Geographical distribution:

Throughout India arises on dead organic mailer.

Therapeutic Uses:

Plant pacifies vitiated vata, and pitta, disease of eye, paralysis, hepatodynia, constipation, seminal weakness and general debility. 

KEY WORDS: chatraka, കൂണ്‍, Mushrooms

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