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Researches and clinical trials on tejasvini - Zanthoxylum alatum ..

tejasvini :

tejasvini  : Zanthoxylum alatum Roxb., Zanthoxylum armatum DC.

Clinical trials:

Sarwar Alam / Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, Volume 11, Issue 1 January 2009 , pages 91 - 95 / DOI: 10.1080/10286020802514622

Antifungal and Insect-Repellent Activity of Essential Oil of Zanthoxylum alatum / S Dube, A Kumar and S C Tripathi / Annals of Botany 65: 457-459, 1990

Hepatoprotective activity of leaves of Z armatum DC in CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats / Nitin Verma and R L Khosa / Indian Journ of Biochem & Biophysics, Vol 47, April 2010, pp 124-127

Insecticidal activity of essential oil from Zanthoxylum armatum fructification against two mosquito species / Zhang Yun, Peng Ying-Hui, Zeng Dong-Qin et al / DOI: CNKI:SUN:GXZW.0.2010-02-026 / College of Life Science and Technology,Central South University of Forestry and Technology,Changsha 410004,China

Chemical composition and larvicidal activities of the essential oil of Zanthoxylum armatum DC (Rutaceae) against three mosquito vectors / Mohini Tiwary, S N Naik, Dhananjay Kumar et al / J Vect Borne Dis 44, September 2007, pp. 198–204 


Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of Zanthoxylum armatum in gut, airways and cardiovascular disorders / Syed Naeemuddin Gilani, Arif-ullah Khan, Anwarul Hassan Gilani et al / Phytotherapy Research, April 2010; Volume 24, Issue 4: pp 553–558 / DOI: 10.1002/ptr.2979

Zanthoxylum armatum DC. (accepted name) / Chinese names / Catalogue of Life, China

Sorting Zanthoxylum names / Maintained by: Michel H. Porcher / MULTILINGUAL MULTISCRIPT PLANT NAME DATABASE / A Work in Progress. School of Agriculture and Food Systems. Faculty of Land & Food Resources. The University of Melbourne. Australia / Copyright © 1997 - 2000 The University of Melbourne.

Studies on the Components of Essential Oil of Zanthoxylum Armatum by Gc-Ms / Amran Waheed, Shahid Mahmud, Mubeen Akhtar, Tanzeela Nazir / AJAC, Vol.2 No.2, May 2011, PP. 258-261 /

Volatile Constituents from the Leaves of Zanthoxylum armatum DC., a New Source of 2-Undecanone / 
Prashant Singh , Manindra Mohan and Sanjay Gupta / Plant Sciences Research, 2013, No 5, No1, pp 1-3 / DOI: 10.3923/psres.2013.1.3

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTIVITY OF METHANOLIC EXTRACT OF FRUIT OF ZANTHOXYLUM ARMATUM / Mehta D.K, Bhandari A, Satti N.K, Singh S, Das R, Suri K.A, Sharma S.N / Inventi Rapid: Planta Activa, 2011/10/1

ANTIPYRETIC AND CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM ACTIVITY OF THE ROOTS OF ZANTHOXYLUM ARMATUM DC / Khim Singh Bora, Alok pratap singh, Suresh Singh Fartyal, Ankit Vajpayee / Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Opinion, Vol 1, No 7 (2011)

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