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Distribution and conservation of talamulika - Curculigo orchioide..

talamulika :

Flowering plant Photograph by:

Geographical distribution:

It  has  been  recorded  to  occur  in  the subtropical  Himalayas  from  Kumaon  eastwards  ascending  to  1800m,  the  Khasia  hills,  Bengal, Assam,  Konkan,  Kanara, the  western  peninsula and  Tamil  Nadu extending  south as  far  as  Cape Comerin. It is  also  distributed  in Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia and  Australia


 It is believed to have originated in the shady forests of Asia. The plant is distributed in plains and shows prostrate growth on moist fertile soil. It is found in all parts of India from near sea level to 2300m  altitude,  especially  in  rock crevices  and laterite  soil

Plant conservation:

In the CAMP workshop at IIFM (June 1999) Curculigo orchioides was included in the IUCN category of “LOWER RISK near threatened”

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