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Uses of dhanyaka - Coriandrum sativum Linn.

dhanyaka :

Young plants growing in a nursery

General Use:

Considered aromatic, anti-halitosis, carminative, corrective, narcotic, stimulant; stomachic.
- Taste, odor, and medicinal qualities depend on the volatile oil. 

- Studies have suggested anti-diabetic, anti-platelet aggregation, antioxidant, antilithogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemic properties.

Therapeutic Uses:

Atisara, Chardi, Daha, Jvara, Trsna, Ajirna

Systemic Use:

Headache  –  Apply paste of  Dhaniya leaves  on forehead for 10 minutes .
Stomatitis  (mouth ulcer ) – Apply juice of Coriander leaves over the ulcers or hold the  juice of Coriander leaves in mouth for 5min .
 Indigestion/vomiting/diarrhoea/dysentery - 20ml decoction prepared from 5gm. coarse powder with a Pinch of ginger powder may be taken thrice a day.
 Fever - 20ml. decoction from 5gm Powder with sugar 3-4times a day helps to alleviate fever.
Dehydration/Excessive Thirst/sun Stroke -20ml decoction prepared from 5gm coarse powder with a pinch of salt helps in dehydration/excessive thirst/sun stroke conditions
Cough /Cold- Use of 5 gm of Dhaniya powder as herbal tea every morning prevents cold and cough.
 Intestinal Worms – 3-5 gm powder with jaggery twice a day for 5 days.


Harvest, wash and use fresh or dry it


Dhanyank is Mutral (Diuretic), Jwaraghna  (Anti -Pyretic),Deepana  (improves digestion ), Rochana ( improves taste ) ,Grahi (useful  in mal- absorption ) & Hridya  (Good for heart).

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