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Lepam Ayurvedic therapy is an Ayurvedic skincare treatment that is proven to aid with a variety of skin issues. Treatment with lepam is also anti-inflammatory, which helps to relieve inflammation-related pain and reduce swelling in the affected area. A paste produced from herbs is applied to the injured body part as part of the process.

Lepam is a method that involves applying a herbal paste to the affected area externally. The herbal powder and medium for making the paste are chosen based on the individuals health. The herbal paste is made by selecting plants that are appropriate for the pathology and Doshas involved. The herbs used in Ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on the face are those that aid in the management of skin pigmentation. Similarly, Ayurvedic acne therapy involves the use of Ayurvedic medicines that aid in the management of acne and the improvement of skin health.

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