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asishimbi :

Canavalia gladiata


  Urease is extracted from the seed; Alternative sources of urease are various bacteria (e.g. Klebsiella aerogenes), fungi (e.g. Coccidioides immitis) and higher plants (e.g. soya bean).


Canavalia gladiata and canavalia ensiformis are very close species. Though they have always been distinguished in Floras, genetical assessment failed to show differences between the two species (Bosch, 2004)
The seeds of this species are red, with a hilum that extends nearly the whole length of the seed (white in Canavalia ensiformis, with a hilum that extends to less than half the length of the seed); the pod shape is more curved in this species; flower size and colour differ - pink or white in this species, purple in Canavalia ensiformis.

Commercial value:

It  has many desirable agronomic features such as high biomass production, resistance to drought, pest and diseases, high fertility index and high seed productivity on fertile land, which enable them to grow well under tropical condition.

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