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Chemical constituants of anannas - Ananas cosmus Merr., Ananas sa..

anannas :

pine apple


Native variety has a higher carbohydrate content than the Smooth Cayenne variety.
- Flesh of the fruit contains sugar, 10-15% saccharose; 7-11% glucose; 1% fructose; 0.6% invert sugar; 2.74% mannite, 1% citric acid; traces of vanillin and enzyme, bromelin.
- Ash contains phosphoric and sulfuric acid, lime magnesia, silica, iron, and chlorides of potassium and sodium.
- Contains citric acid, phosphoric and sulfuric acid, lime, magnesia, iron, silica, sodium and chlorides of potassium.
- Fruit yields citric and malic acids in good quantities, with moderate amounts of vitamin C. 
- Bromelain is the name given to a family of proteolytic enzymes derived from Ananas comosus.
- Antihelminthic property of fresh fruit juice attributed to its constituent, bromelin, a proteolytic ferment, that is toxic to Ascaris lumbricoides and Macracanthorynchus hirudinaceous.
- Phytochemical screening of leaves extract yielded alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols, glycosides and phenols.


Important formulations

1. Sarbat Annanasa

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