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Distribution and conservation of kasamarda - Cassia occidentalis ..

kasamarda :


Geographical distribution:

Occurs in the tropics including India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Philippines Islands.


Waste places, often in or near villages, at elevations from sea level to 1,200 metres
Disturbed sites (particularly fertile ones), river overflow areas, meadows, and forests; at elevations from near sea level to 900 metres

The ability of Senna occidentalis to spread in a wide range of environments indicates its weedy potential. It can also be a weed of annual cropping systems.

S. occidentalis is regarded as an environmental weed in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia and in seven states in the USA.

Plant conservation:

The precise management measures adopted for any plant invasion will depend upon factors such as the terrain, the cost and availability of labour, the severity of the infestation and the presence of other invasive species. Some components of an integrated management approach are introduced below.

The best form of invasive species management is prevention. If prevention is no longer possible, it is best to treat the weed infestations when they are small to prevent them from establishing (early detection and rapid response). Controlling the weed before it seeds will reduce future problems. Control is generally best applied to the least infested areas before dense infestations are tackled. Consistent follow-up work is required for sustainable management.

Senna occidentalis quickly invades bare pastures so it is important to maintain a good cover of desired pasture species. S. occidentalis can be successfully controlled when in the seedling stage by cultivation. Likewise, a variety of herbicides can successfully control S. occidentalis at this stage. When using any herbicide always read the label first and follow all instructions and safety requirements. If in doubt consult an expert.  Alternaria cassiae which can control S. occidentalis is commercially available as a mycoherbicide.

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