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Morphology and Histology of kancanara shveta - Bauhinia racemosa ..

kancanara shveta - Bauhinia racemosa Roxb. - Fabaceae

kancanara shveta :

kancanara shveta  : Bauhinia racemosa Roxb.


 Flower buds 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm in length and 3 to 7 mm in diameter, apex acute, base tapering with attached pedicel measuring up to 2 cm in length, surface light brown to greyish brown with longitudinal fine wrinkles; fragile; calyx limb spathaceous, 5 toothed, reflexed; petals oblanceolate, as long as calyx limb; stamens 10, all perfect; odour and taste indistinct. 


Calyx- TS of sepal more or less circular in outline with 5 to 6 ridges and a central hollow core; epidermis on both surfaces with anomocytic stomata, 1 to 3 celled small covering trichomes, measuring upto 150 µ in length, present on lower surface: 4 to 5 layers of collenchyma cells present below each ridges of lower epidermis; mesophyll represented by aerenchyma; numerous vascular bundles arranged in a row in the mesophyll, vascular bundles below each ridge being larger in comparison to others; rosettes of calcium oxalate crystals present in some of the cells of aerenchyma. Corolla- Petal shows single layered epidermis followed by mesophyll composed of circular to oval parenchyma cells; a number of small vascular bundles present in a row in the mesophyll; most of the parenchyma cells adjoining vascular bundles contain yellow to yellowish orange pigments. Powder- Powder shows fragments of epidermis of petal with straight walls, epidermis of sepal with anomocytic stomata and 1 to 3 celled covering trichomes, some cells of mesophyll containing rosettes of calcium oxalate crystals, scalariform and spiral vessels with adjoining parenchyma cells containing pigments ; covering trichomes, isolated rosettes of calcium oxalate crystals ; pollen grains circular with smooth exine and entine measuring upto 100 µ in diameter and thick walled parenchymatous antheridial cells with adjoining scalariform vascular elements. 

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