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Synonyms of addhahpushpi - Trichodesma indicum

addhahpushpi :


अधः पुष्पी रसे तिक्ता कट्वी लघ्वी प्रशास्यते।
विर्योष्णा कफवातघ्नी व्रणशोयहरा परम् ॥    ( द्र. गु.वि)


Synonyms in Ayurveda: addahpushpi, avakpushpi

Andhaka - because of covering of flowers,  flowers seem to be absent 
Andhapushpaka - flower is opposed by leaves 
Adhah pushpi - flowers which face downward 
Adhoh mukhah - which face downward 
Romalu - leaves are hairy
Shara pushpi- that which has 100 flowers 

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