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Uses addhahpushpi in other systems of medicine

addhahpushpi :

Use in other system of medicine:

- Leaves and flowers are edible.
- In the Philippines, used in the same manner as Tichodesma zeylanicum.
- Leaves and roots are used as remedy for snake bites; also used as diuretic.
- Cold infusion of leaves considered depurative.
- Crushed roots, in decoction or infusion, used for dysentery in children.
- In Indian traditional medicine, decoction of roots used for diarrhea, dysentery and fever.
- In Deccan, plants is used as emollient poultice.
- In Chutia Nagpur, roots are crushed and made into a paste, and applied externally to swollen joints, inflammations and superficial skin injuries.
- Used for arthralgias, inflammations, dyspepsia, diarrhea, dysentery, dysmenorrhea.
- In Tamil Nadu, southern India, root decoction taken internally to treat bloody dysentery.
- In Ayurveda, plant used in vitiated condition of Kapha/phlegm and Vata/wind. Root paste applied to wounds. 
- In Easters Ghats, used to treat bone fractures: Poultice of whole plant paste mixed with Albizia amara leaf powder, tumeric powder, goats milk and wheat is applied on skin around the fractured area and bandaged

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