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Importance of walking bare foot - Earthing

Importance of walking bare foot - Earthing

Barefoot walking - Grounding / Earthing
Walking or standing on barefoot is referred to as Earthing or Grounding. With the hustle & bustle of our hectic daily routines most of us overlook simple ways of connecting with nature such as walking barefoot on grass or on the beach!

The Earth’s surface possesses a limitless continuous supply of free or mobile electrons. Earthing creates a stable bioelectrical environment for the normal function of all body systems.
Oscillation of the intensity of earth’s potential may be important for setting the biological clock regulating diurnal body rhythm such as cortisol secretion. Influx of free electrons absorbed into the body through the direct contact with Earth neutralize ROS (Reactive oxygen species or free radicals) and reduce the inflammation in the the body either acute or chronic.

Nobel winner Richard Feynman has spoken about the umbrella effect of earthing the body. He says that as the bodies potential becomes the same as the Earth’s electric potential it becomes an extension of Earth’s gigantic electric system. This can cancel, reduce or push away the electric fields from the body which are induced by our surrounding electrical environment.

So finally what are the benefits of earthing or walking barefoot?

  • The earth is considered a global treatment table which can help inflammation, sleep disturbances, body pain, common cardiac disorders.
  • Walking barefoot also gives our bodies more time to absorb more sunshine hence getting Vitamin D.
  • Walking barefoot in nature also gives us time to introspect and clear our mind!

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