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haritamanjari - Acalypha indica Linn.

haritamanjari - Acalypha indica Linn. -

haritamanjari :

haritamanjari  : Acalypha indica Linn. An erect annual herb grows up to 60 cm in height. Leaves ovate-rhombic, with long petiole, acute, crenate-serrate; flowers unisexual, found in axillary spikes; fruits capsules, covered with persistent bracts; seeds ovoid, pale brown.

Taxonomical Classification


English: India acalypha
Hindi: Kuppikhokli
Malayalam: Kuppameni കുപ്പമേനി, പൂച്ചപ്പേടി


Synonyms in Ayurveda: haritamanjari, arittamanjari

Rasa: Katu Tikta
Guna: Laghu Ruksha
Veerya: Ushna


Isolation of potential antibacterial and antioxidant compounds from Acalypha indica and Ocimum basilicum.

Parts used for medicinal purpose

Whole plant, ,

Geographical distribution:

Grows as weed in wastelands, throughout planes. 

Therapeutic Uses:

Plant pacifies vitiated vata, ulcer, cough, skin diseases, arthritis and constipation.
Useful part : Whole plant.

श्वासकासहरी तिक्ता कफख्नी कटुका तथा 
रेचनी मूत्रळा चैव ज्वरवातहरा स्मृता
तप्तपत्रस्वरसं प्रोक्तम् कर्णशूलहरं परं
पत्रकल्कस्य वर्तिस्तु बालानां मलबंन्धहृत्


In recent years multiple drug resistance has been developed in many microbes due to indiscriminate use of existing antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases. This paves the way for reconsidering traditional medicine; hence a study was carried out to explore the antimicrobial activities of the acetone and ethanol extract of Acalypha indica and Ocimum basilicum against Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus sp. The results revealed that ethanol extract of both the plants ware more effective than Acetone extract particularly on Proteus sp. Hence both the plants can be vitally used in treating various diseases caused by those pathogens.

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