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Nilamanga - Sclerotium stipitatum

Nilamanga - Sclerotium stipitatum -


Sclerotium stipitatum (termite fungus)

(termite fungus)
Rarely found inside very old house walls, Termite nests and ground, it comes out especially in grounds just after first rainy season.....

????Kerala Traditional vaydyas used for Dysentery by rubbing it with honey and ginger juice
???? useful in chardhi (Vomiting) 
????Crushed Nilamanga put in water also used for Athisara, Vishucika (Cholera) 
Tamil :Nilamanga

Photos shared by Shri Kapil Ugale sir from
Majalgaon, Maharashtra Thanks a lot sir

Taxonomical Classification



Synonyms in Ayurveda: nilamanga, puttamanga

General Use:

The oil prepared from nilamanga can be used for ear ache..also good for abdominal colic...its heatd that nilamanga usually seen where there is lot of usually see under the basement of old houses and other old buildings

Photos of Nilamanga -

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