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Distribution and conservation of ashvamantaka - Bauhinia tomentosa..

ashvamantaka :

ashvamantaka : Bauhinia tomentosa Linn.

Geographical distribution:

Cultivated in Manila and other towns.
- A vigorous shrub used as border plants.
- Introduced from tropical Asia.
- Found in India, West Bengal, Sri Lanka and tropical Africa.


The hairy bauhinia grows from Natal and Zululand to eastern Transvaal, northwards to tropical Africa, and eastwards to Sri Lanka and India. In South Africa, it grows in forest, bushveld and the coastal dune bush. It also occurs in low-altitude woodland, often forming part of the riverine thickets, and on the forest edges. In Zambia, it grows in thickets and on stream banks and rocky slopes of the central and southern provinces and the Luangwa Valley. Trees can be found growing naturally from Ethiopia in the north to KwaZulu Natal in the south. Trees grow in the shade or in full sun, can withstand light frost and are somewhat drought hardy.

Plant conservation:

Trees are fast growing, up to 900 mm a year. Flowering can be stimulated by pruning the plants once a year during the winter. For planting in dry areas, it is advisable to obtain seeds from plants growing in dry areas.

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