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daruharidra - Berberis aristata DC., Berberis coriaria

daruharidra :

daruharidra: Berberis aristata - Plant with flowers
Daru Haridra is identified by the modern pharmacognosy as Berberis aristata DC or its allied speices. Though there are more useful species of Berberis, they are said to be possessing more or less equal properties. There is a wide spread use of Coscinium fenestratum in the name of Daru Haridra by the Kerala physicians is justifiable basing on its literal meaning in Malayalam (Mara Manjal) and the similarity in the therapeutic action to that of Berberis species.

Taxonomical Classification

Family: Berberidaceae


English: Indian barberry, tree turmeric


Synonyms in Ayurveda: daruhardra, , darvi, katankateri, pitika, sthiraraga, kamini, pitacandan, hemakanta, pitak, haridru, nisha, kaliyaka

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