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Conclusion - damanaka - Artemisia sieversiana Willd.

damanaka :

Flowering stems (green/yellow flowers) Photograph by: Mountain Partnership at FAO


Artemisia Sieversiana (scientific name: Artemisia sieversiana Willd, also known as sieversian wormwood, Chinese: Bai Hao, 白蒿, 蘩、皤蒿、由胡、莓母、旁勃、白艾蒿), a species of biennial plant in genus Artemisia (Asteraceae family). Native to China, the plant can grow up to 1.5 meters. The whole plant of Artemisia Sieversiana acts as detoxicant, a bitter tonic, antidiarrheal and antibacterial in traditional Chinese medicine (CTM) used in treating diseases including dysentery, diarrhea and some skin diseases.

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