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Distribution and conservation of bhunimba - Andrographis paniculat..

bhunimba :

Flowering plant, growing amongst weeds in Thailand Photograph by: Tony Rodd

Geographical distribution:

A. paniculata is native to Taiwan, Mainland China, and India. It is also commonly found in the tropical and subtropical Asia, Southeast Asia, and some other countries including Cambodia, Caribbean islands, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam . This plant is also found in different phytogeographical and edaphic zones of China, America, West Indies, and Christmas Island


Village groves, roadsides, waste places, open sandy locations and fields, but also in monsoon and teak forest receiving only 10-20% of full light, at elevations from sea level to 1,600 metres

Plant conservation:

: Low Risk-Least Concerned

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