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Dr. Mohamed Rifas Ayurveda

Dr. Mohamed Rifas

Dr. Mohamed Rifas was brought up in a traditional family from Kerala, exposing him directly to India’s most famous treatment techniques of the Ayurvedic Medicine. His grandfathers were traditional healers who performed the art of making new Ayurvedic formulations to treat different diseases. Inspired by them, he quickly decided to learn and dedicate his life to the study and healing of Ayurveda.

Dr. Mohamed Rifas has been making Ayurvedic formulations to treat different diseases & concerns for many patients, through balancing the body’s constitutions, Panchakarma or detoxification and lifestyle planning. Not many doctors understand the importance of a Holistic Lifestyle but Dr. Rifas firmly believes that our well-being is closely connected to the balance between the body, mind and soul and his practice has proven to improve health & enhance beauty.

Professionally, does Prakruti analysis, Nadi pareeksha (pulse diagnosis); and other dashavida diagnosis methods as per ayurvedic concept and managing the underlying issues effectively. The idea of managing the medical/health problems presented by patients by history taking, diagnosis, investigation will be by advise on foods, herbs and lifestyle along with holistic treatments according to the requirement. Other activities includes, researches, making notes, both as a legal record of treatment and for the benefit of other team members. Counselling in order to establish a mentor role to continuously educate the patient/client on how to improve Health.

Dr Mohamed Rifas

Consultation locations:
Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE;
Kerala & Mumbai, India.
Online consultation upon request.

A dual country licensed Ayurvedic doctor with holistic method of diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on the principle that body, mind, and spirit are interrelated and imbalance in any one of these hampers the physical and mental wellness of the person. 

I also love working with doctors in other systems of medicine and integrating them for the benefit of patients. Bringing the staffs as a team. Promoting health education through various in house seminars and outhouse activities.


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