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Ayurveda in Canada

Ayurveda in Canada

In Canada, a Council for Ayurveda practitioners, International Council of Ayurvedic Physicians (ICAP) Inc. is registered with the Government of Canada. The main goals are to create general awareness in general public about Ayurveda, Yoga and other ISMs through Internet, TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops, etc. They are also providing platforms to upcoming Ayurveda practitioners and Immigrant Ayurvedic doctors from India. They help Manufactures and Importers of Ayurveda Medicines. The Council is constantly negotiating with the Canadian Government for recognition of the trade and practise of Ayurveda. A proposed International Institute of Ayurveda & Complimentary Medicines Inc. is expected to be established in Toronto soon.

On January 1, 2004, the Canadian Government moved all natural products in Canada into the drug category. This demanded severe documental evidences on safety efficacy and quality for these medicines to be practised or traded in the country. To counter this, bill C-420 was launched, which would change the definition of food and drugs. The Canadian parliament is having the second reading of the bill C 420 regarding Freedom of Choice in March 2006. This bill is expected to favour the practise of the TSMs since they allow the consumer to choose the health care of their choice.
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