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MVR Ayurveda Medical College Hospital, Kannur

MVR Ayurveda Medical College Hospital

MVR Ayurveda Medical College Hospital
This hospital is very good for skin diseases.
P A M C is self financing Ayurveda Medical College and sanctioned by the Government of Kerala, during the Academic year 2002 2003. PAMC is affiliated to Kannur University and approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), New Delhi. It is the fifth unit of Pappinisseri Vishachikilsa Society headed by Sri. M. V. Raghavan, Former Minister for Co-op & Ports, Government of Kerala.

 Sri. M. V. Raghavan

All the departments are fully functional. The college has an extensive Library, Anatomy Lab, Physiology Lab, Samhitha and other departments. The PAMC has future innovation, to develop itself as a multi specialty institution and Research Center which will be on the basis of already rich infrastructure of the institution. The man power and collective good will of the members of the society are working round the clock to make PAMC one of the best Ayurveda Medical Institution of the world.


The college imparts instructions at the undergraduate Level in B. A. M. S. and Paramedical courses in Ayurveda Nursing, Ayurveda Pharmacy and Masseur in Ayurveda.

At present 50 seats are allocated for B. A. M. S. and 50 seats each for paramedical courses. Almost all the departments are being settled for the five and half year B. A. M. S. Course. We have full fledged facilities for starting P. G. courses in Agathathantra and Degree & certificate courses.

Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College offers two degree courses in ayurveda, other than BAMS.

1. BSc. nursing(Ay) -5yr course (4 academic years + 1 yr internship)

2. B.Pharm (Ay) 4yrs+ 2 months training

BSc. nursing(Ay) was first started in Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College, in 2004 and B.Pharm (Ay) started in 2005.




Psoriasis | Wrinkles | Dry Skin | Skin Allergy | Skin Rashes | Skin Infections | Pimples | Lower Back Pain | Osteoarthritis | Sciatica | Cervical Spondylosis | Lumbar Spondylosis | Paralysis | Partial Paralysis | Total Paralysis | Fibromyalgia | Frozen Shoulder | Osteoporosis | Type 2 Diabetes | Cholestrol | High Blood Pressure | Type 1 Diabetes | Stress | Strain | Insomnia | Hair Loss | Dandruff | Thinning Of Hair | Split Hair | Chronic Constipation | Acidity | Stomach Pain | Ibs | Gastritis | Diarrhea | Burning Urination | Urinary Tract Infection | Urinary Calculi | Painful Urination | Urinary Diseases | Asthma | Viral Infections Of The Respiratory Tract | Recurrent Respiratory Infections | Heart Attack | Cataract | ParkinsonS Disease | Diabetic Neuropathy | AlzheimerS Disease | Dementia | Stress Management | Skin Texture | Skin Beautification | Skin Complexion | Beauty Therapy | Anti- Ageing | Hearing Impairment | Oral Canker | Tooth Ache | Antenatal Care | Postnatal Care | Preconception Care | Maintenance Of Healthy Pregnancy | Dietary And Other Regimen For A Pregnant Woman | Irregular Menstrual Cycle | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome | Pcos | Pcod | Menopausal Syndrome | Fibroid Uterus | Abnormal Vaginal Discharge | Menstrual Irregularities | Menstrual Cramps | Post Menopausal Disorders | Menorrhagia | Fibroadenosis | Skin Diseases | Heart Diseases | Hypertension | Respiratory Diseases | Dark Circles | Varicose Vein | Menstrual Diseases | Toxicological Issues | Snake Bite | Cardiac Disease Care | Gastric Ulcer | Urinary Stone | Cervical Spondylitis | 



Educational qualification for BAMS required 50% in Plus Two with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


Hostels are provided for all the boys and girls. How ever The Principal may permit a few of the students to reside out side the campus with approval of the parents. The college management associated with PTA arranges for the boarding and conveyance facilities.


The canteen is at a central place for use of staff, Students and the visitors. A cafeteria with all food and beverage items is also provided with concessional rates.


The college has an extensive herbal garden with more than 300 species of Medicinal plants, fully grown. We have provided all facilities of a modern library with two thousand five hundred books in authentic Ayurveda, Modern medicine along two hundred of journals.

The college has planed to have special classes to improve the communication skills. Specialists are to be employed to impart lessons in spoken English and continuing medical educations. Programs to train the mind such as Yoga meditation and Kalari are also contemplated.

A Students Co-operative Store is inside the campus where all the day-to-day requirements of the students and staff should be made available at a cost effective manner. The store can be expanded to meet the requirements of text books, stationary and other needs of students and staff.


The Hospital was started on December, 24th 1987. This hospital has a capacity of 150 beds. Here all branches of Ayurveda Chikilsa are practiced and this provides, research and development potential to the hospital in all sector of Ayurveda.

Free OP treatment and consultations is available on Wednesday. This hospital situated at the very small distance of 1.5 KM in the Parassinkkadavu Temple Road from the Dharmasala Junction of the National Highway.



Parassinikkadavu, Kannur, Kerala, India.
Kannur, Kerala, India
Nearest Railway Station: Kannur
Nearest Airport: Karipur (Calicut)

Contact Info

Phone: +91 0497 2780250, +91 0497 2781453

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