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Dhanwantary Ayurvedic Clinic and Research Centre, Kolkata

Dhanwantary Ayurvedic Clinic and Research Centre

Dhanwantary Ayurvedic Clinic and Research Centre
Get the Best ayurvedic treatments encompassing Panchakarma,Keralian Panchakarma and Kshara Sutra. We provide specialized care in Kshara Sutra and Keralian Panchakarma. Our Doctors are experienced in treating all your problems with the best knowledge in kshara sutra and panchakarma. We also Provide a magical Panchakarma treatment for Rectal Prolaps and Anal Prolaps. Our Centre is located near to the upcoming IT hub in New town and Salt lake. We are the Authorized Dealer of Arya VaidyaSala , Kottakkal, Kerala.


Dr. A Bhattacharya





Panchakarma is one of the unique therapeutic procedure in ayurveda 
advocated for radical elimination of disease causing factors and to maintain the equilibrium of dosas. The five fold measures comprehended by this therapy for internal purification of body system are: Vamana(Emesis), Virachana (Purgation), Anuvasana (Oil Enema), Asthapana (Decoction Enema) and Nasyam (Nasal Insufflation). 
The chances of recurrence of the disease are very rare in patients undergone Panchakarma therapy as it also promotes positive by rejuvinating the vital body systems. It prevents aging process and improves memoryand function of sense organs. Panchakarma therapy is very effective in the management of auto-immune disorders chronic ailments like reumatic artharitis,rheumatoid artharitis,bronchial asthma,G.I.T disorder,sinusitis,migrain and mental diseases.

Kshara Sutra


A Knat that sets you free from Fistula in ano , Fissure in ano , Piles. It is an sequel of Perianal abscess which has either been allowed to rapture spontaneously or has been incised late or in an inadequate or incorrect manner. There is a typical history of perianal abscess which following rapture or incision , fails to heal and leaves behind a discharging opening. If this is neglected , there are recurrent attacks of perianal abscess formation. The new abcesses burst out either through the old opening or make fresh external opening and forms multiple fistulae. The condition of Fistula in ano alhough not a major Surgical problem remains a nagging issue to the patient as well as Surgeon. Its tendency to recur many times brings discredit and frustration to the surgical World. Recent researchers have substantially proved that AYURVEDIC KSHAR SOOTRA is the reply for the treatment of Fistula-in-ano , specially in complicated , recurrent and High reetal one and is the most proof method.

Keralian Panchakarma

Dhanwantary_Ayurvedic_Treatment4.jpg Dhanwantary_Ayurvedic_Treatment5.jpg Dhanwantary_Ayurvedic_Treatment6.jpg

1) Pizhichil
2) Navarakizhi 
3) Elakkizhi
4) Podikkizhi
5) Siradhara 
6) Pichu
7) Sirovasti
8) Udvartana 
9) Thalapothichil


Source of food: From own garden

Is food organic?: Yes

Is white sugar served?: Yes

Are nightshades served?: Yes

Is chilli served?: Yes


Accommodation facilities: Best possible accommodation is available for the patients

Price details: Depends, but is ofcourse cost effective

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Is vaastu applied?: Yes

How is the Vaastu of the land and building? Great

Source of Information: Vaidya A Bhattacharya



Krishnapur Kolkata 102 (Behind Mohisgote SBI, Between Newtown Bridge and Kestopur Bazar), Kolkata, India 700102
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Nearest Railway Station: Sealdah
Nearest Airport: Dumdum

Contact Info

Phone: +03325914293, +919830574877

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