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Ayusham Panchkarma Hospital, Rajkot

Ayusham Panchkarma Hospital

Ayusham Panchkarma Hospita
It has established a full-fledged Panchkarma Hospital and Rejuvenation centre at Rajkot, Gujarat. Aayushyam Panchkarma Hospital brings you a line of Ayurvedic natural health protection treatment of the highest quality which can help you to maintain the charm in your life and of good health, inner balance and personal wellbeing.

Aayushyam Panchkarma Hosputal is based in Rajkot, Gujarat. It provides bio purification, cleansing therapy (Panchkarma treatment) to highest standards of quality treatment whilst staying to the principles of Ayurved. Aayushyam Panchkarma Hospital is founded on the fundamentals of the ancient holistic health science of India that is Ayurved. This only health science provides excellent health of physical as well as mental and spiritual by creating harmony between a person’s body and nature.

All the procedures and treatment have been developed with the close consultation with our team of experts and Vaidya Dhirendra Joshi who is possessing more than 40 years experience of Ayurvedic practice. The aim of this hospital is to help people to achieve some of the greatest gift of nature that is healthy body with 


We are a group of experienced professionals and have expertise to treat successfully chronic and challengeable diseases by Panchkarma. We are expertise for Rejuvenation therapy (Rasayan Chikitsa) which prevents aging process.


This hospital provides accommodation.


The treatments offered by this hospital are; Snehan karma (Oleation therapy), Swedan karma (Sudation therapy), Vaman karma (Therapeutic Emesis), Virechan karma (Therapeutic Purgation), Basti karma (Therapeutic enemata), Nasya karma (Errhine therapy), Raktamoxan (Blood letting therapy), Shiro dhara, Kati basti and Prustha basti, Janu basti, Uro basti, Kaya seka, Akshi tarpan, Nadi swed, Pind swed – Patra pind swed, Shirobasti, Bidalak, Padaghat and Karna puran.




Dr. Sunil Shahs Hospital, 2nd Floor, 14-Sardar Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat.
Rajkot, Gujarat, India

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Phone: +91 0281-2468144

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