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Shri Balahanuman Ashram and Ayurved Vikas Mandal, Gandhinagar

Shri Balahanuman Ashram and Ayurved Vikas Mandal

Shri Balahanuman Ashram and Ayurved Vikas Mandal
Shree Ayurved Vikas Mandal, Lodra establised in the year 1967. The different destinations of this organization are to build the different organizations and handled them, to provide the treatment and teaching to the people with help of Ayurvedic medicines and experiments like Panchakarma Therapy.

This Hospital is one of the renowned Ayurved Hospital of the state which renders its continuous service for 37 Years i.e. since its inception the patients suffering from different incurable diseases come this hospital from every corner of the different states of the country.  It is a matter pleasure that the patients are completely cured by the grace of Lord Shri Balahanumanji and return to their home with smile. In this way here is the confluence of blessing and medicines.

It runs Shri Bala Hanuman Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (College) Degree Course, Ayurved Hospital of cost-free 100 Beds with all the facilities, Ayurved Maternity Home, Ayurved Panchakarma Ward, and Sanskrit College.

It is a great credit to the institution has been able to avail the knowledge of Ayurved from honorable Saint and idol of mercy Pujya Balaramdasji Maharaj. Though the Ashram and its constituents are fully equipped with latest equipments and ample amenities and facilities, the Ashram has been continuously facing financial crisis. The reason for this financial crunch due to the Ashram’s cost-free services to the patients, sale of Ayurved medicines and preparations on no-profit, no-loss basis, and ever increasing number of patients. Lacs of Rupees are required to be spent to carry out all these activities of the Ashram.

However, the Ashram is endeavoring to further modernize the Panchakarma Hospital and Physio Therapy Department by installing ultra-modern, essential instruments, video camera, etc., and for the maintenance of the ever-increasing Gaushala. All these modernization and maintenance plans require lacs of Rupees, and the Ashram does not have, and has not been able to generate, the required funds, and therefore, the Ashram has always to look at the Donors to keep its human-oriented activities to continue.
Therefore, the Ashram earnestly appeals to all, who are always willing the Ashram to continue the human-oriented activities, who has sympathy for the poor, illiterate villagers and are willing to help them, to generously donate to the Ashram for such a noble, humanitarian cause.

Shri Balahanuman Ashram & Ayurved Vikas Mandal is two distinct but complementary organizations under on roof. In the year 1942, His Holy and Reverend (Saint) Shri Balramdasji Maharaj, (reverently called as “Mota [senior] Bapji”), established a Temple and an Aushadhalaya (a shop/store of Ayurvedic Medicines and Preparations) in the name Shri Balahanuman Ashram, with the object of providing social services to the society in general and to the poor and needy persons in particular. The activities of the Ashram (a hermitage of persons devoted to meditation), under his auspices, include running Ayurvedic Dispensary, maintaining Gaushala (stable for milk-giving cattle, mainly the cows), and Sanskrit Pathshala (school).

The Aushadhalaya has been conducting research and manufacturing and making patent Ayurvedic preparations and medicines, some of which are proved much effective where the allopathic medicines and therapies have failed.  The formulas of these Ayurvedic preparations and medicines are so ancient and proven that they are used as standard medicines, rather than using them on trial and error basis. For the supervision, coordination and control of all these activities His Holy and Reverend Saryudasji (reverently called as “Nana [junior] Bapji”) has been assisting him.


It has the specialists and experts of different diseases and trained nursing staff members are wholly devoted to the patients.


The Ayurved Hospital has the following facilities are; Cost-free 100 beds, medicines, diet and milk to the patients. Thousands of patients have been taking advantage of this Hospital every year. The Hospital is divided into Male Ward, Female Ward, Surgical Ward, Gynecology Ward, and Pediatrics Ward, with Special Rooms. The Hospital has a separate Ward for Panchkarma Therapy.

The Ayurvedic dispensaries are giving medical treatment free of cost. The patients of the surrounding villages are also provided Ambulance services. Exhibitions for public awareness on Addictions and AIDS are also organized. The Hospital has been actively co-operating with the Vaccination Programs of the Government.


The treatments offered by this centre for the disease like  Hemiplegia, Sciatica, Arthritis, Gout Spondylitis, Paralysis, Obesity, Migraine, Insomnia, Bronchitis, allergic condition and many other degenerative diseases. Some of the Panchakarma methods will provide adequate prevention to the disease by way of removing the accumulated toxins from the body providing regeneration of tissue, improving vitality and immune resistance capacity.

And also offers Panchakarma therapies - Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya & Raktamokshan, Abhyanga, Udvartan, Baspa Sweda, Potalisweda, Shnehan, Swedan & Virechan, Basti Karam, Rakta Basti, Kshar Sutrakarma, Pusvan karam & Uttar Basti.



There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.



Lodra, Ta – Mansa – 382835, Dist. – Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Phone: +91 027 6385421

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