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Daksh Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Centre, Jaipur

Daksh Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Centre

Daksh Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Centre
Daksh Ayurveda was founded by Dr. Vinod Ranga & Dr. Sneh Ranga. The patients approach from all over the country and world to avail of this clinic services. The prime source of new patients is referrals from existing treated patients. This clinic is extremely proud of our growth and success creating happy and healthy patients. This clinic’s remedial idea is based on traditional Ayurvedic principals by providing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through Herbal medicines, Dietary therapies, Panchakarma, Kerla Therapies, Ayurveda Surgery and Yoga as well as physiological and spiritual healing.


Dr. Vinod Ranga is the chief physician at Daksh Ayurveda. He received his B.A.M.S. degree from the Shri Krishna Government Ayurveda College in Kurukshetra, India in 2004. Also he completed his M.D. in Department of Dravyaguna from the most prior institute, National Institute of Ayurveda (ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India) in Jaipur.Beside his educational qualification he is quiet an experience doctor. He worked in Birla Institute of Scientific Research; Jaipur regarding his dissertation during his P.G. study. He was in Kerala at Ayravaidyasala Kottakkal for the entire one month on a special training on Kerala Panchakarma Therapies. 



The treatments offered by this clinic are; Basti karma, Virchana karma, Vamana karma, Nasya karma, Rakta moksha karma, Pizzichil, Netra tarpana, Shirodharra, Localized bastis and other treatments: Abhyanga, Kizhi, Swedana, Kshara Sutra, Jalaukavcharan (Leech Therapy) & Udwartana.


This clinic arranges the separate accommodation for outstation patients.

This clinic offers organic food from its own garden, but it does not serve white sugar, nightshades and chilli.

There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.

There is no cell phone tower in the clinic.

This clinic is designed by vaastu.



D – 60, Shanti Path, Near Suraj Maidan, Raja Park, Jaipur - 302004, Rajasthan.
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Nearest Railway Station: Jaipur
Nearest Airport: Jaipur

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Phone: +91 96027 96047

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