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Ayur Clinic Goa - Ayurveda Centre, Arpora

Ayur Clinic Goa - Ayurveda Centre

Ayur Clinic Goa - Ayurveda Centre
Ayurclinc an Ayurveda therapy center & Ayurveda health clinic, aims at keeping all, free from any physical, mental or social problems and maintaining the balance of humors (doshas – vata, pitta and kapha) of an individual.
Ayurclinic has been set up to suit the needs of common men. Although the rates are less we assure that we will provide you with the best of the health services & treatments. This Ayurveda hospital also guides people on the diet to be consumed & life style to be followed depending on their body types.

A wide variety of services are provided at Ayur Clinic right from Consultation to Ayurvedic Treatment depending on the body types. Ayurvedic Medication is also provided if necessary.


It is run by a team of Ayurvedic physicians, Ayurveda dieticians and other specialists who give advice on rejuvenation therapies, massage therapies, distress therapies, medications, and to detoxify the body.

Dr. Rohit R. Borkar B.A.M.S. is working in Goa as an ayurvedic physician, panchakarma and yoga specialist. Dr. Rohit has been in the field of ayurveda since a decade from now. He has traveled extensively around India studying, lecturing and conducting workshops on ayurveda, yoga and allied subjects.

Dr. Siddhesh S. Bandekar has completed the degree in Ayurvedic medicine (B.A.M.S.) from Goa University. He decided to take this further in serving the society through General health care by using general principles of ayurveda..

Dr. Siddhesh brings along with him first hand experience in Panchakarma (Detoxification treatments) and pulse diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha). His Passion towards ayurveda and inclination towards serving the society made him popular in the field.

He has successfully done several trips to Russia and Ukraine. Due to his Academic interest he also delivers lectures on ancient principles of ayurveda. He carries an experience of more than 10 yrs in the field. To keep himself abreast of trends in ayurveda, Dr. Siddhesh attended numerous conferences of national and international stature. By joining Ayurclinic Goa, he looks forward to serve society through ancient knowledge of ayurveda and he is proud to be a part of the team.

Dr. Siddhesh’s areas of expertise include: 
1. Panchakarma (Detoxification procedure)
2. Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha)
3. Ayurvedic Diet Advice
4. Body Constitution Analysis (Prakruti Pariksha)

Dr. Raj is a Physical Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga Consultant & a certified advanced fitness trainer. He has been in the field since 2010. He graduated from one of the esteemed medical institutes in India and undertook higher studies in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury management. As a part of his training, he completed an extended clinical internship specializing in the application of Manual Physical Therapy Techniques. With a firm belief in the eastern philosophy of great health, happiness and balance resulting from treating the whole person not just the physical symptoms, he underwent Post Graduation in Yoga Therapeutics to incorporate yogic wisdom as a therapeutic tool to the treatment of various physical, systemic and psychosomatic illnesses. He combines his knowledge of both eastern and western approaches to rehabilitation as well as prevention of injury and illness to bring a uniquely holistic approach to physiotherapy and yogic sciences. 

Dr. Raj believes every patient’s treatment program should be individualized towards his or her specific needs and goals. His philosophy is based on the combination of hands-on treatment techniques and specific exercises to help retrain movement patterns along with integration of Yogic practice and training to connect the breath, mind and body. His treatment approach includes a variety of techniques including manual therapy, soft tissue and myofascial techniques, taping, exercises and education so as to facilitate prompt injury rehabilitation, optimized performance and prevent re-injury. Dr.Raj’s in-depth knowledge of complex conditions combined with his extremely meticulous and logical approach to physiotherapy and holistic healing has enabled him to help numerous patients of all ages from around the globe, from elite athletes to clients requiring stress management and arthritic care and rehab. He is a skilled educator, presenter and clinician. He keeps himself updated by frequently taking short courses and attending seminars in order to expand his knowledge base and refine his clinical skills. . 

Dr. Raj considers it a privilege to be a part of the AyurClinic Goa team, which works diligently providing integrated and holistic healing to numerous patients. The vibrant atmosphere of compassion and positivity created at the center under the directorship of Dr. Rohit Borkar, a dear friend, is a real treat for the staffs and patients alike.


We do pick up & drop from airport, railway station, and bus stand during arrival & back. We will arrange for various sightseeing programs to beaches, temples, markets - In the afternoon once the treatments are over. Consultations with Ayurveda doctor everyday, except Sundays.

This is my second trip to the beautiful land called Goa. I was told by my friend about Ayur Clinic and its lovely therpeutic massages, after taking the massage at Ayur, I really felt rejuvenated. I would recommend tourists coming from abroad to Goa to try it out.  By John McFoe, Tourist, U.K.

I had been having troublesome back problem since a very long time, after hearing about Ayurvedic treatment, I was a bit skeptical to take the same, since I am a doctor myself but after the treatment I received from Ayur Clinic, the back problem has slowly reduced. I truly believe in the miracle of Ayurveda now - Thanks to Ayur. By Alina Bose, Tourist, Canada.

I heard about the Ayur Clinic and its services through the Ayur Website, this is the first time me and my family are travelling to India toVisit the Ayur Clinic was very rejuvenating, I would highly recommend Ayur to tourists coming down to Goa. By Joseph Atkins, Tourist, U.S.A.


We provide the treatments like:

TYPE A PACKAGE: Ayurveda therapies - 2 hours, 2 & half hours, and 3 hours as prescribed by the doctor, Yoga - 1 hour / 2 hours depending on ailments and health issues, Determination of your body type, pulse diagnosis and diet advice by the Ayurveda dietician as per your body type, and Medications during the stay as prescribed by the doctor. Other requirements will be provided on the prior basis. Panchakarma treatments if required. The above treatments are available for 7 days, 14days, 21 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or more depending on severity of problems.

TYPE B PACKAGE: Ayurveda therapies as guided by the doctor and Medications during the package as prescribed by the doctor. Determination of your body type, pulse diagnosis and diet advice by the Ayurveda dietician as per your body type. Panchakarma treatments if required. The rates of the package will depend on the above choice.

TYPE C PACKAGE: Doctor consultation, Ayurveda Therapies, Pulse diagnosis/ body constitution determination by the doctor/diet advice if required on your body type.  Depending on days of the therapies /consultation, the package will be charged.

It also offers Shirodhara, Nasyam, Netra tarpan, Mardan, Udvartan, Abhyanga, Pidichil,  Sarvangadhara, Khizi.



We provide accommodation for the people who will go for the Type A Package – treatment as mentioned above.

We provide food - herbal diet as prescribed our Ayurveda dietician, includes breakfast, lunch dinner and juices for type a package and any two meals / 1 meal at the clinic as advised by the doctor for type b package.

The drugs have been prepared as per authentic ayurveda drugs as mentioned in the original texts. If you like to place an order for any of the medicines in our site, we will courier the medicines to your destination. The drugs mentioned are tested and certified under quality of Indian standards of Ayurveda medicine.



Close Lila café, Next to Royal Goan Beach club, Arpora, Calangute Goa.
Arpora, Goa, India

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Phone: +91 9657 353 155

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