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Dr.Namburi Panchakarma Center, Vijayawada

Dr.Namburi Panchakarma Center


Our two decades of experience in treatments gave a possible solution for an effective treatment finally resulted in solving about a few hundreds of cases - successfully. Chrolonology: Diabetes leads narrowing of blood vessels specially foot region (Atherosclerosis). Thus Diabetics develop neuropathy (losing sensation in foot region). Due to Neuropathy leads injury to the foot by Physical, Chemical or Thermal means. Injury leads to become Foot ulcer (Non-healing or gangrene depends upon the state of atherosclerosis. Remedy: As per conventional therapy limb amputation. Our specialty is to increase blood circulation by different methods like Nadisweda, leech Therapy Pizichhil etc. This results in fast healing which prevents to become gangrene thus saving the limb amputation. General info: There are about 6 to 8% of People in India suffer from Diabetes. One of the dreadful complications of diabetes is diabetic foot. Almost a lakh of diabetics losing their limbs every year due to non-healing of foot ulcers/wounds. It is happening in many developed countries also frequent foot ulcers and infection leading to become gangrene and thus losing their limbs as well as to systemic infection causing even death. In majority of the cases, the blood vessels develop atherosclerosis, it is a condition where the lumen of the blood vessels become narrow thus blood flow decreases to a particular area where sensitivity of the skin decreases which is known as diabetic neuropathy which is responsible for the susceptible for injury. For the same reason the wound becomes non-healing. In Diabetic Neuropathy, there will be decreased sensation which makes the foot susceptible to painless accidents that may be due to physical, chemical or Thermal causes and which may get infected. If the infection is not controlled it can destroy the surrounding tissues and leads to become Gangrene due to vascular atherosclerosis. Certain Diabetics without any injury they develop water like sacs called Bullae in the foot region and gets ruptured and become non healing ulcer and soon it becomes into gangrene. In certain conditions like deep vein, thrombosis, the same thing happens like to form gangrene. In all the above conditions limb amputation is inevitable and sometimes leads to death. Due to above conditions the drugs used will not reach the site of the foot ulcer when there is insufficient blood supply for tissue repair and to control infection. Thereby the ulcers become non-healing and in some cases leading to become gangrene. Amputation is inevitable in these conditions might cause severe Disability and emotional Disturbance for the patient. To tackle this dreadful condition we have developed a Technique called NADISWEDA one kind of Technology found in the ancient classics of Ayurveda. This Technique is useful to increase the blood circulation in the peripheral blood vessels thereby wound healing becomes fast recovery preventing gangrene. In certain conditions like D.V.P, leech application will be made. Besides this, we have formulated certain group of Herbal drugs which enhance the process of wound healing and rejuvenate the pancreas to secrete more insulin. An external application of oil base Dressol for Dressing the Non-Healing Diabetic ulcer which acts as Broad Spectrum antibiotic to inhibit the growth of Bacteria and also brings fast granulation and fast wound recovery. By this 3 dimensional approach to non-healing Diabetic ulcer gets fast recovery so that gangrene is prevented thus saving the limb. This Technique holds good for treatment of different types of chronic ulcers like ischemic nature, Deep vein Thrombosis, Occlusion of Blood vessels in the various parts of the body. If one limb is amputated. There is every chance of affecting Second limb in six years. Once second limb is amputated means the mortality rate is high. Once this particular therapy is implemented both the limbs can be saved and there will not be any further damage was observed even after 12 years. This kind of therapy is boon to the patients of Diabetes. Besides above Therapy our specialty is to tackle the other diabetic complications like Diabetic Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Impotency due to Diabetes and Coronary Atherosclerosis by different kinds of herbal preparations as complementary system of medicine.


Dr. Bhaskara Venu Gopala Rao Namburi is a Post Graduate in M.D (Ayur) along with a Diploma in Modern Medicine from Karnataka University. Treatment of various ailments through Holistic systems of medicine is inherited from his Father Brihattrayeeratna Dr. Hanumantha Rao Namburi. (Late). Dr. Namburi Hanumantha Rao is a stalwart in India and is the key personality to start many Ayurvedic study centers in USA, Philippines and various other countries. Dr. Gopala Raos knowledge in Ayurveda interpretation of the diseased condition at par with Modern medicine gave an in-depth opportunity to effectively deal with situations that are other wise considered failures or unsolved or impossible. Dr. Gopala Rao’s careful choice and usage of Ayurvedic medicines along with Modern medicines brings an effective relief at the shortest possible time. The patient thus is relieved from pain, agony and worsening of the situation. Specialists in Treating Diabetic, Non-Diabetic Non Healing Ulcers, Preventing Amputation through Natural and Holistic Treatments. 


Number of doctors in hospital: 5


Modern medicine


Basti Karma
Virchana Karma
Vamana Karma
Nasya Karma
Netra Tarpana
Localized Bastis
Nadi sweda
Leech therapy
Magnetic therap



10 bed hospital with all facilities


Depends upon case, treatment and chronicity of the disease.


We provide only organic food from our own garden. We serve white sugar and chilly but not nightshades.


There is no air and noise pollution in the surrounding area.


Vaastu has been applied for the buildings.



1st Floor, Ghanta Complex, Behind Dr.Pallem Peddeswara Rao, Hospital, Dornakal Road, Suryaraopet, VIJAYAWADA-520 002, India
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Nearest Railway Station: Vijayawada
Nearest Airport: Vijayawada

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Phone: +919392113356 Mobile: +919632152962

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