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Angam Ayurveda, Bengaluru

Angam Ayurveda


Angam Ayurveda,a treatment center established afte 20 years clinical practice,offers a unique experience of treatment which involves psychological counselling, diet modifications,lifestyle changes. As the saying goes What cannot be cured must be endured. We at Angam Ayurveda, aim at getting a feeling of well being even in disorders that are chronic and incurable. Classical style of treatment after studying the Prakriti of a person is attempted.


Number of Doctors in Hospital: 2 lady Vaidyas and 1 male Vaidya


Skin disorders, Musculo Skeletal disorders W.S.R to sciatica and spine related ailments, Weight loss, Panchakarma


Basti Karma
Virchana Karma
Vamana Karma
Nasya Karma
Rakta Moksha Karma
Netra Tarpana
Localized Bastis
Other Treatments: Udvartanam Soundarya vardhana therapies, Therapeutic yoga,  Psychological counselling for children


Accommodation facilities: Outpatient facility. Participants have to stay at nearby hotels which are available in plenty.

Price details: We charge in Indian rupees. Charges vary from participant to participant as the medicines used will vary according to the discretion of the Vaidya in different prakritis and doshic involvement.

Source of food: From own garden

* Note: As ours is a an outpatient facility,stringent rules are laid down as to the diet that a participant must follow.

Is there any pollution in the vicinity?: No

Noise in the vicinity?: No

Are there cell phone towers?: No

Any other noise/pollution?: Since it is situated in the heart of the city, ambient noise of vehicles is present.

Is vaastu applied?: Yes

How is the Vaastu of the land and building? Since the director has a Diploma in Vastu Shastra, care has been taken to rectify whatever flaws are there.



108 H, 3rd cross,Ganaganagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560032
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Nearest Railway Station: Yelahanka, Bangalore
Nearest Airport: BIAL

Contact Info

Phone: 08041284762, Mobile: 09880648550

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